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Google Details How It's Going To Phase Out Flash From Chrome
Google announced earlier this year that it’s eventually going to phase out Adobe Flash with HTML5 by default to provide Chrome users with a safer and more power-efficient experience. It has been reminding us of its intention to follow through on this. The company has now taken to its official blog to detail just how it’s going to phase out Flash from Chrome and how long the entire exercise is […]

Twitch Is Ditching Its Flash Video Player
Popular game streaming service Twitch continues to rely on Adobe Flash to deliver video even though the outdated web technology is quickly being ditched. Twitch is now finally getting on the program. The Amazon-owned company has confirmed today that it’s beta testing its lighter and faster HTML5 video player which is eventually going to completely replace its Flash counterpart. Twitch says that the HTML5 player has been one of the […]

Facebook Ditches Flash For HTML5 Video Playback
Flash has built up quite a notorious reputation for itself over the years so much so that many have vocally called for dropping this technology once and for all. Even Adobe has started to inch away from Flash as are many other online services. Facebook has now confirmed that it’s ditching Flash for online video playback in favor of HTML5. All videos you see on Facebook will now play in […]

Speedtest Finally Says Goodbye To Flash, Adopts HTML5
Flash doesn’t really have a good reputation for itself because even though the technology powers a big chunk of the content that’s distributed online it’s also very vulnerable to flaws and security issues. That’s really one of the reasons why Flash has the reputation of not being really secure, many online services have sinced moved to HTML5, and now the internet’s favorite destination for testing connection speed is finally saying goodbye […]


Twitch To Go Full HTML5 In 2016
A couple of months ago, Twitch announced that they would be transitioning to HTML5. However this transition was a small step as only the controls of its video player was changed to HTML5. The video itself remained in Flash. According to Twitch, “The video itself is still in Flash underneath the controls. However, this is an important step to releasing the much-anticipated full HTML5 player.”Based on Twitch’s previous statements, it […]

Twitch Makes The Switch From Flash To HTML5
Flash used to be the darling of web developers back in the day. Almost every website you visited would incorporate Flash into its menus, videos, and so on. Fast forward to today, many are treating Flash like the red-headed stepchild, and while it might take some time before it is killed off, it is slowly losing support.Popular video streaming platform for video games, Twitch, has recently announced that they are […]

DevCon5 HTML5 & Mobile App Developer Conference July 9-10 NYC
Learn How to use HTML5 to Create Exciting and Interactive Websites and Mobile Apps. Stay current in the changing world of web technologies and development tools. Learn how to develop and design content that engages your audience. Attend DevCon5 and hear from some of the most influential companies and names in the HTML5 world including Nickelodeon, Basho, Adobe, Intel, Google, IBM, Intel, Oracle, and more.Attention Ubergizmo Readers: Register TODAY and […]

Full Screen Mario Is A HTML5 Remake Of Super Mario Bros.
Just how good is your programming? Well, if you would like to take up HTML5 as your programming language of choice, how about making it as a way to earn some money on the side by making it big? After all, a whole lot of its possibilities is dependent on your imagination and capability. Take for instance, Full Screen Mario. Full Screen Mario happens to be a 100% HTML5 remake […]

DevCon5 Developers & Designers conference - NYC July 24-25
Participate in DevCon5 and learn how to harness the power of HTML5 to create and enable exciting and interactive websites and mobile apps. Attention Ubergizmo Readers: Register TODAY and Save 20% off current rates. Use code UBZ. DevCon5 is an HTML5 Developer and Mobile Applications Conference for web developers, designers, architects, technology leaders and business strategists. Learn how to harness the power of HTML5 to create dynamic user experiences, optimize graphics […]

Firefox Unreal Engine 3 Port Shown Off In All Its Glory
Mozilla is trying its level best to defeat the perception that web browsers can’t offer console type gaming experience to users. Powered by Unreal Engine 3, Mozilla shows off Firefox browser playing a demonstration video of Epic Citadel, a popular Android game. The demonstration video isn’t full of missions, bounty hunts or fights, it is basically a walk through video which lets us see how smoothly Firefox is able to play […]

Geeksphone Keon And Peak Firefox OS Smartphones Expected To Go On Sale Tomorrow
Mozilla’s Firefox OS is based on HTML5 and JavaScript, it was initially dubbed as the Boot to Gecko project, before being formally announced as the company’s offering for the global smartphone market. Designed for low-end devices, a preview was shown back at Mobile World Congress on a Dreamfone running this new operating system. Reportedly the first two Firefox OS based smartphones are going on sale tomorrow, developed by a Spanish startup called Geeksphone, […]

Netflix Ditching Microsoft Sliverlight For HTML5
Those of you who have been using Netflix on your computer instead of a set-top-box or video game console are probably familiar with Microsoft Silverlight as it has been the plugin of choice to be able to stream Netflix videos onto computers for some time now. But it looks as though Netflix’s time with Silverlight will soon be coming to an end as the company is announcing it plans to […]

HTML5 Exploit Can Allow Websites To Fill Up Your Hard Drive
Browsing websites on the Internet could be a great experience, depending on what kind of content you’re searching for. Conducting research for a term paper may not be as rewarding as browsing Reddit, but the process is still the same: input a website address, get to said website. But a recently revealed HTML5 exploit shows some websites can fill your computer’s hard drive with junk data. A lot of junk […]

Mozilla Firefox 19 Available For Download Now
Good news for fans of the web browser from Mozilla. Firefox version 19 is available for download from Mozilla’s website ahead of its official launch tomorrow. The new web browser is available for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux with a few features and bug fixes from previous versions. Android users will have to wait a little longer, but should have the new version available for download from tomorrow.Perhaps the […]

Handful Of HTML5 Websites Now Play Nice With Windows Phone 8
If our memory serves us correctly, Microsoft has been in cahoots with a fair number of companies in the past few months in order to optimize websites so that they will be able to function with the touch screen features of Internet Explorer 10 in Windows 8. Well, it seems that the work has been expanded to include select HTML5-based sites function better not only on Internet Explorer 10, but […]

You're About To See Videos in Your Wikipedia
While there are some videos currently embedded on Wikipedia pages–according to this category, 244 of them–Wikipedia isn’t really known as a place where people upload and watch videos. The problem is that Wikipedia’s old video player only played Ogg files. Which is fine, because we’ve got YouTube and other services for that, but there are a lot of articles where creative-commons licensed video could make a huge difference. Which is […]

Throwback first-ever iPod in a browser is too much fun
If you’re at work on this Friday afternoon and you want to do anything but, click on over to the Inventika Solutions website. They’ve got a nifty HTML5 site that plays songs with an identical interface to the first-ever iPod. It doesn’t have too many songs, but then again, the first iPod only had 5GB of storage.

2nd Annual HTML5 Developer Conference - May 21st, San Francisco
The second annual HTML5DevConf will be hosting leading innovators, developers, and luminaries to present and discuss the latest developments in the space on May 21st, 2012 in San Francisco at the Westin Hotel, as part of the largest technology conference of its kind. With major companies, from Microsoft to Adobe to the Financial Times of London, turning their focus to mobile apps that go beyond restrictive platforms, the battle lines […]

DevCon5 is Returning to Santa Clara this Spring
DevCon5 is an HTML5 and Mobile App Developer Conference that will take place at The Network Meeting Center, Santa Clara, CA. April 25-26, 2012. This conference is for any developer, designer, architect, as well as technology leaders and business strategists who want to learn how to use HTML5 to create dynamic user experiences, develop new mobile business models and profit from this revolutionary new language.Special Ubergizmo Discount: Register NOW with […]