Mozilla is trying its level best to defeat the perception that web browsers can’t offer console type gaming experience to users. Powered by Unreal Engine 3, Mozilla shows off Firefox browser playing a demonstration video of Epic Citadel, a popular Android game. The demonstration video isn’t full of missions, bounty hunts or fights, it is basically a walk through video which lets us see how smoothly Firefox is able to play it back. Within a desktop browser, graphics were running at a concrete frame rate of 16 FPS.

Epic Citadel was ported to Javascript and it can easily work in HTML5 without any plugins on anybody’s computer in which the game can be downloaded. Bringing the Unreal Engine 3 over to a web browser isn’t exactly an easy feat. This gaming engine powers up some of the biggest games, including but not limited to Batman: Arkham City, Bioshock Inifinte and Mass Effect 3. As part of its Emscripten project, Mozilla hopes to recruit new developers. Mozilla has provided a full demonstration video of Unreal Engine 3 in action inside Firefox web browser, which can be viewed above.

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