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Huawei Matebook 13 Premium Laptop
Huawei is extending its PC Laptop market reach with the new Huawei Matebook 13, a premium laptop priced just below the current Matebook X Pro we previously reviewed. The goal is to bring the same look and feel as the X Pro but make it slightly more affordable.

Huawei P30 May Bring Back The Headphone Jack
Ditching the 3.5mm headphone jack has been a growing trend in the industry. Once manufacturers remove it from a series, it’s unlikely that subsequent models bring it back, but it appears that Huawei will be blazing a trail here. Leak-based renders of the Huawei P30 suggest that this handset will indeed bring back the headphone jack.

Huawei Reportedly Demotes Employees Over iPhone New Year Tweet
As most companies have done, Huawei sent out a Happy New Year message on Twitter to help ring in the new year. It would have been any other day except that many were quick to realize that the tweet was actually sent via an iPhone. Given Apple and Huawei’s competition, safe to say that this was a rather embarrassing move.

Huawei's New Year Message Tweeted Out From An iPhone
This is happening frequently with Apple’s rivals so much so that it’s not even funny anymore. Merely weeks after an official Samsung account was found tweeting about the Galaxy Note 9’s display prowess using an iPhone, the New Year’s message from an official Huawei account also came from “Twitter for iPhone.”


Huawei 5G Equipment Could Be Banned Officially Through Executive Order
The U.S. has largely led the push against network equipment from Chinese companies like Huawei. Some of its allies have followed its lead on the matter and it appears that the administration is willing to kick things up a notch. A new report claims that the White House is mulling an executive order to officially ban American carriers from sourcing 5G equipment from companies like Huawei.

Redskins Reportedly Nixed Deal With Huawei For Free WiFi
Huawei is not having a good year, what with allegations by the US government that the company was a national security threat due to their ties with China. This has since led to the major US carriers to axe their deals with Huawei, along with other governments in other parts of the world who are said to also be considering their ties with Huawei.

Some Chinese Companies Threaten To Fire Employees Who Use iPhones
Recently there was a report about how Apple could continue to face struggles in terms of iPhone sales over in China, where it was reported that apparently some Chinese companies in a bid to support Huawei, would offer employees subsidies if they were to buy Huawei phones instead of iPhones.

Huawei Has Managed To Ship 200 Million Smartphones In 2018
2018 looked to be a good year for Huawei, at least at the start, where the company was expected to officially launch their phones via major US carriers. However that did not materialize and in fact, the company has since been plagued with allegations of spying for China, where the US and its allies are considering removing their equipment from their comms infrastructure.

Huawei P30 Could Feature 5x Lossless Zoom
Huawei’s smartphones in the past have mostly attracted some attention due to the fact that they are considerably cheaper compared to the likes of the iPhone or even Samsung’s flagships. However these days prices have gone up, but at the same time Huawei has continued to add value with its camera, where many are finding it hard to deny how good the company’s cameras are.

Huawei Commits $2 Billion For Cybersecurity To Address Concerns
Huawei’s network equipment business has come under a lot of pressure recently. It continues to be the target of allegations that the networking products may allow the Chinese state to spy on their targets. The United States and some of its allies have started to effectively ban Huawei’s equipment from networks in their countries. The company has always denied the allegations and it’s now making a $2 billion commitment for […]

Huawei Expects To Hit 200 Million Shipments Goal By December 25th
Huawei is one of the fastest growing mobile companies in the market. It shipped some 153 million units in 2017 and had aimed to cross the 200 million units milestone the following year. The company has now said that it expects to hit this milestone by December 25th, 2018.

Huawei Nova 4 Announced With A Hole Punch In Its Display
The notch design is a controversial one, but it seems like it could already be on its way out. Huawei has recently announced its latest smartphone in the form of the Huawei Nova 4 where as you can see from the image above, it looks like Huawei has ditched the notch in the display for a hole-punch circular cutout where the front-facing camera will reside.

Canada’s Public Safety Minister Says Reports About Huawei Ban Is ‘Speculation’
There have been recent reports that have indicated that there are a few countries around the world that will be banning the use of Huawei and ZTE’s communications equipment in their infrastructure. It was also recently speculated that Canada could be considering a similar move, where such a move could end up costing carriers at least $1 billion.

Potential Huawei P30 Pro Design Revealed
With 2019 coming up on us, this means that companies such as Huawei probably have their next flagship planned for 2019 with their P-series (the company typically releases two flagships a year). Based on the naming scheme, chances are 2019 will be bringing us the P30 and the P30 Pro.