[CEATEC 2011] I guess modern marvels keep on dropping jaws – case in point, this particular Augmented Reality (AR) Heads Up Display (HUD) from Pioneer that is on display at CEATEC this year. Granted, the “booth” looks particularly basic as I would have preferred to be comfortably seated in a replica car to get a feeling of how it is like in the real world, but I guess a crude mock dashboard will have to make do for the moment.

With a smartphone docked to the left of the steering wheel in this right-hand drive, you will be able to access different menu functions (presumably working primarily with your docked smartphone’s GPS navigation system) while checking out vital statistics on display in the HUD. Who says you need to fly a high powered fighter jet these days to enjoy HUD technology? Can’t wait for a holographic version a couple of decades down the road make an appearance for bicycles and motorbikes.

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