Now that the July 4th holiday weekend is behind us, we’re sure many of you spent a good portion of your time over the past couple of days driving to and from your fun summer destination, which probably had you heavily relying on your GPS. Being able to view your GPS while driving can be a bit tricky as you should always keep your eyes on the road, but you also need to know where the heck you’re going. Garmin is hoping to solve this little dilemma by introducing a new way to interact with its StreetPilot and Navigon apps.

The Garmin HUD, which stands for heads-up display, is a device that sits on your vehicle’s dashboard at the base of its windshield where it can project your navigation data into the driver’s line of sight through either use of a transparent film applied to the glass or a reflector lens that’s attached to the device.

When in use, the HUD will automatically adjust its brightness so it can remain readable in either direct sunlight or at night. Garmin’s HUD is powered by a 12V charging cable, but it also comes with an integrated USB port to help keep your smartphone charged at the same time. Garmin will be selling its HUD later this summer for $129.99.

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