[CES 2015] Heads Up Displays (HUDs) happen to be technology that is worth exploring, as it comes in handy to display even more information than before, for instance, in a vehicle where the dashboard itself does not have enough space to show other important information while you coast down the freeway. Well, is there such a thing as an “ultimate portable heads up display”? I suppose the folks behind SenseHUD would answer with a resounding “Yes!”.


The SenseHUD is touted to be lightweight, where it can be transferred from one vehicle to another in a jiffy, not to mention being adjusted to fit just about any smartphone. Not only that, one would expect a decent amount of work gone into it to make it durable, and to minimize any kind of broken or missing parts, there is no need for any assembly at all. This is truly a one of a kind light-adjusting liquid crystal display that is capable of accommodating just about any light condition, which in turn makes it perfect for both night and daytime driving.

As it stows your smartphone, it will also get to work charging it up, so that you arrive at your destination with a fully juiced device, now how about that?

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