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Hyundai Custom Android Auto App Will Arrive Later This Year
The Google I/O 2016 keynote is less than an hour away. During these two days, we’re going to hear a lot of software and apps, developers and partners will show off their creations for Google’s platforms, and Hyundai will be there doing just that. The car maker is going to show its custom Android Auto app at Google I/O today. The app itself is going to be released later this […]

Hyundai Is Making An Exoskeleton
Exoskeletons are being built by many companies, they can help enhance lifting capacity and even prevent injuries, but Hyundai is making one that does more than that. It’s creating an exoskeleton which it calls a “wearable robot,” one that will enable soldiers to carry up to 110 pounds over long distances and workers to lift objects that weigh hundreds of pounds. Hyundai’s latest creation is an upgrade of the H-LEX […]

Hyundai Reveals AR User’s Manual
[CES 2016] While we do know that cars are getting more and more connected in this day and age, there seems to be a particular segment of car ownership that seems to be constantly overlooked – and that would be the owner’s manual. Hyundai has decided to spice things up a bit by offering the Hyundai Virtual Guide which offers a convenient and simple method of being familiar with your […]

CarPlay For Hyundai Sonata Arrives Next Year As A Paid Upgrade
Hyundai already offers Android Auto in the Sonata and it did promise earlier this year that during the 2015 model year the Sonata is also going to receive support for CarPlay, which is Apple’s extension of its mobile operating system in the car. Hyundai has now confirmed that AirPlay for Sonata is going to arrive next year however it’s going to be a paid upgrade, drivers will have to purchase an SD […]


Hyundai Teases Upcoming Ioniq Electric Vehicle
There are plenty of electric cars in the market today but if you’re looking for more variety, you might be interested to learn that Hyundai is teasing its upcoming Ioniq electric vehicle. Now we know, another electric vehicle, what’s the big deal? The big deal is that unlike some other carmakers, the Ioniq will come in three different powertrain models.For starters there will be the full electric version of the […]

Hyundai Genesis A New Luxury Brand
It looks like Honda has their Acura brand, Nissan plays with the Infiniti name, Toyota’s Lexus branch has certainly sold its fair bit of cars – which can only mean one thing – there is demand in the high end vehicle market. Hyundai of South Korea has identified this to be the company’s next area of growth where their automotive arm is concerned, and hence has announced the new ‘Genesis’ […]

Hyundai Lets You Start Your Car From Apple Watch
Hyundai is very serious about embracing connected car technologies and earlier this year the company launched its Blue Link app for Android Wear, which lets you remotely start or stop the engine as well as do various other things. Now months after the app was launched for Android powered smartphones the car maker is finally bringing it to the Apple Watch, allowing owners to start their vehicles remotely using their Apple […]

2016 Hyundai Equus: Look Ma, No Hands!
A new car model would more often than not see the manufacturer tout a fair number of new features, and this also translates to advertising said features in an appropriate manner. Hence, you know that things are moving rather slowly when Hyundai advertises the Hands-free Smart Trunk with Automatic Opening feature in the first paragraph of a press release for its 2016 model of the Hyundai Equus.

Hyundai First Off The Blocks With Android Auto System
It was last year when we first delivered news of Android Auto that is set to arrive in vehicles some time down the road, without any specific dates mentioned. It looks as though all of the patient waiting has paid off, where from today onward, anyone who owns an Android device (one of the more up to date models, of course, and I am not referring to legacy devices that […]

Hyundai Sends Message To Astronaut In Space Using 11 Cars
Sending a message to an astronaut in space seems like a pretty straightforward thing, but in what seems like a marketing stunt, Hyundai actually wrote out the message back on Earth but made it big enough where it could be seen all the way in space. As it stands there are only a few things visible from space (from a certain distance) so obviously they had to make it big.

Hyundai’s Updated Blue Link Android Wear App Is Finally Released
Earlier this year at CES 2015, Hyundai showed off an upcoming Android Wear app called Blue Link. The idea of the app was to allow Android Wear owners who also happened to own Hyundai cars to be able to unlock their cars remotely via their wrists. The good news is that if Blue Link is an app you’ve been looking forward to, it is finally here.The car maker has officially […]

Hyundai's Blue Link App Arrives On Android Wear
Starting the engine of your car usually just involves inserting your car key into the ignition slot, turning it, and you’re good to go. If you have a more modern vehicle, your car key might not necessarily be a key but a card-like device or a dongle, and starting the car involves just pressing the “Start” button.Well it looks like Hyundai is hoping to make things even more modern as […]

Apple CarPlay Demonstrated In Hyundai Vehicle
Earlier this year, Apple unveiled CarPlay which was basically iOS integrated into vehicles’ infotainment system. Now we’ve seen a couple of photos and a handful of descriptions, but if you’re truly wondering as to what CarPlay is all about, the folks at MotoMan have put together a long and detailed video about the feature.MotoMan was granted access by Hyundai, who is one of Apple’s partners for CarPlay, where they took […]

Volvo, Hyundai, Honda Will Offer Either CarPlay Or Android Auto
Earlier this year, Apple announced CarPlay which would basically see iOS integrated into vehicles. A couple of days ago, Google announced their own version called Android Auto. Now with two different platforms to choose from, how will users decide? Well thankfully car manufacturers are solving that problem for their customers.Recently companies like Volvo, Hyundai, and Honda have announced that they will be letting customers choose between either iOS or Android […]