google-home-bases-fabric-metalHyundai’s Blue Link service is an interesting one as basically what it does is that it allows car owners to control their Hyundai vehicle remotely. Obviously smartphone integration is one avenue, but in the past couple of years, we’ve seen it integrated with Android Wear, the Apple Watch, and Alexa-powered speakers.

Now it looks like we can add one more medium to the list in the form of Google Home. For those unfamiliar, Google Home is a speaker and Google’s answer to Amazon’s Echo devices and the Alexa platform. The device is powered by the new Google Assistant software which allows users to perform a variety of tasks using voice commands, and now it seems that controlling your Hyundai remotely is one of those tasks.

Of course you can’t actually drive your car remotely, but rather it you should be able to access the same controls that other devices can. This means that you can start your car remotely, lock/unlock the doors, and even deliver Google Maps information to your car. Like we said these aren’t new features, but if you own the Google Home, then these are features that you can look forward to trying out with your Hyundai.

However the good news is that Hyundai is planning more features that they’ll be adding in the future, but no word on when that will be taking place.

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