In futuristic movies, everything seems to be voice controlled, where you can wake up, tell your home AI to read you the news, make a pot of coffee, check the traffic, and so on. That future is almost here as more companies are starting to make their devices smarter than ever. For Hyundai owners, it seems that the company’s Blue Link app just got more functional.


In an announcement on its website, Hyundai has revealed that its Blue Link now works with Google Home and Google Assistant. This was actually demonstrated earlier this year at CES 2017, but we guess the feature is finally here. What this means is that users will now be able to control their connected cars using Google Home/Assistant.

According to Hyundai, “The Blue Link Agent for the Google Assistant allows control of various functions of a Hyundai vehicle with simple voice commands. These commands can include “Ok Google, Tell Blue Link to start my Santa Fe and set the temperature to 82 degrees, “Ok Google, Tell Blue Link to send the address of the Empire State Building to my Sonata”, and “Ok Google, ask Blue Link to unlock my car”.”

In addition to this announcement, Hyundai also revealed that in a bid to get more users using the features, Blue Link Connected Care, Remote, and Guidance packages are now free for 3 years on all 2018 Hyundai models.

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