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GIF Website Imgur Now Support Videos As Well
Imgur might be a website known to many that hosts images, especially GIFs, but it appears that Imgur will now be expanding their hosting capabilities and will now include videos as well. Speaking to TechCrunch, Imgur COO Roy Sehgal claims that the company is on track to become profitable later this year, and hosting videos should help with that.

Imgur’s Mobile App Now Comes With A Chat Feature
Imgur is a platform that many users are familiar with as a place where users can upload images, find GIFs, and all kinds of memes. It is especially popular amongst the Reddit community where until recently, users had to rely on external sites to host their images and Imgur was one of the more popular options available.

Reddit Starts Beta Testing Their Own Image Hosting Service
For the longest time ever, Reddit and Imgur have had an informal partnership of sorts, in which many image-related posts on Reddit were uploaded onto Imgur and users could link to Imgur directly from their titles alone. However it looks like that will change in the future as Reddit has finally announced their own image hosting service.

Imgur Photos Will Now Attribute The Author When Shared
The image-sharing website, Imgur is going to unveil a new tool for embedding images, starting from today. The new tool will allow anyone to fetch an image, image caption, uploader information along with number of comments on it, and also its presence on other websites.On one hand, this update will turn out useful in tracking the image and on the other hand, it also means that now the images will […]


Official Imgur App For iPhone Released
The day many Imgur users have been patiently waiting for has arrived. The new official Imgur app for iPhone has finally been released today. It is now available for download from the App Store. The internet’s favorite image hosting service says that this new app does one thing “incredibly well,” which is making it easy for users to browse and comment.Instead of presenting users with a grid of small images which […]

Imgur Adds Topics To Make Exploration Easier
Internet darling Imgur is the go-to place for image and .gif hosting and browsing it is a true serendipitous experience. Fire up the app or open Imgur on the computer and with each click of the next button something new pops up, it might be a funny cat .gif, a moving personal story or an informative post about current events. Sure, its chaotic, but there’s a certain charm to it. Imgur today […]

Imgur Pro Features Now Free And Available For Everyone
One of the reasons why you would have paid for an Imgur Pro subscription is that it removes all ads from the website. The Pro features also allow unlimited uploads and access to community features like commenting, voting, sharing, and analytics tools. The subscription was priced at $3 a month or $24 a year, but now it seems that Imgur has decided to make it free for everyone.

Imgur GIF Maker Launched
Imgur is a network that is undoubtedly going to keep the GIF alive forever. Most of the GIFs I come across everyday can easily be traced back to the vibrant Imgur community so its only fitting that this service launch a tool which makes it easier for people to create them. That’s just what Video to GIF does. It’s the Imgur GIF maker we have all been waiting for.