Internet darling Imgur is the go-to place for image and .gif hosting and browsing it is a true serendipitous experience. Fire up the app or open Imgur on the computer and with each click of the next button something new pops up, it might be a funny cat .gif, a moving personal story or an informative post about current events. Sure, its chaotic, but there’s a certain charm to it. Imgur today announced the addition of Topics which make exploration much easier if you’re looking for certain kind of posts on the service.


The Topics option is available in users’ gallery sorts. Users can choose a Topic and see all of the content associated with it. For example if they have had enough of Most Viral they can switch over to Aww, Awesome, Funny or The More You Know among others.

Imgur says that this new feature retains the serendipity, since users really don’t know what post is coming up once they click the next button, while keeping in line with a particular user’s interests and passions.

Since Imgur gives great value to its community it crafted the initial set of Topics based on the “landscape of Imgurian created tags,” and the idea was to choose a set that was comprehensive enough to cover the wide variety of content that’s available while still being small enough that managing the set wouldn’t pose problems.

Now that Topics are live Imgur users can choose a topic when submitting a post, then add a title and description before they post it on Imgur. Tags have become optional now.

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