imgur logoOne of the reasons why you would have paid for an Imgur Pro subscription is that it removes all ads from the website. The Pro features also allow unlimited uploads and access to community features like commenting, voting, sharing, and analytics tools. The subscription was priced at $3 a month or $24 a year, but now it seems that Imgur has decided to make it free for everyone.

Yes, that means if you were still on the fence on whether or not you should pay for their services, you won’t have to anymore. Users who are on the free accounts will now be upgraded and given access to all the features that used to be exclusive to Pro accounts. However the downside is that the website will now be 100% ad supported, so if you don’t like to look at ads, you’re out of luck.

There are also some “downgrades” for former-Pro users. These users were able to upload photos capped at 10MB while free users limited to 5MB. However with the new changes, it seems that all users will now be capped at 5MB which admittedly sounds a bit unfair, so if you absolutely have to upload image files larger than 10MB, you will need to look elsewhere for your hosting needs. So, who else is pleased by this news?

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