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Get Google Inbox Invite During 'Happy Hour' Today
Inbox is a new application by Google which seeks to revolutionize how we handle email on our mobile devices. The app is available for iOS and Android but Google is providing access through invites only. Existing members have already received another collection of invites as Google is expanding the program today. It is guaranteeing an invite for anyone who sends an email during the “Happy Hour” for Inbox.

Google Inbox Updated With "Highlights" Feature
When we receive a new email, it will tell us who it’s from, the subject, and maybe a little snippet. This is great for regular conversations between you and your friends, family, or co-workers, but what if it is regarding a hotel booking or a flight that you are scheduled to take? Well Google’s Inbox has recently been updated and with the update, it will allow developers to make their […]

Google Inbox Invitees Now Able To Invite 3 More Friends To The Service
Just the other day Google announced Inbox, a new email initiative by Google that aims to revolutionize the way we view our emails and access our messages. So far based on reviews of those who have tried the feature, it seems to be quite a success and a hit amongst users, which is why we can’t say we’re too surprised to learn that there are many who are clamoring for […]

Google Begins Sending Out Inbox Invites, Second Round In Progress
Yesterday we reported that Google had announced a new email feature called Inbox. Basically it’s a new take on emails where Gmail will be smart enough to filter your emails and categorize them accordingly, so you won’t have to comb through your mountain of emails just to look for a particular one.Unfortunately the new feature was invite-only and Google had requested those who were interested to send an email to […]