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New Intel ‘ZombieLoad’ Security Flaw Discovered
It wasn’t too long ago that Intel was inundated with the Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities that affected a ton of their processors. To their credit, the company did take steps to try and address the problem, but it seems that new vulnerabilities have since been discovered by the original researchers who found the Meltdown and Spectre flaws.

More Evidence That Apple Could Be Developing Its Own 5G Modems
For a while now it has been rumored that Apple could be looking to develop their own modems. For a company that seems to love to do everything themselves where possible, it actually made a lot of sense. Now according to a report from The Telegraph, there is more evidence that Apple could indeed be working on their own modem, a 5G one no doubt.

This Is Why Intel Killed Its 5G Modem Project
A couple of weeks ago following the speculation that Apple’s 5G iPhones could be delayed to 2021 due to their apparent difficulty in sourcing components. Intel was said to be the company to supply Apple with 5G modems, and the company came forward to claim that everything was going according to plan.

Apple Almost Bought Intel’s Smartphone Modem Business
apple logoFor the past few years, Intel has been making modems for smartphones where the company has supplied handset makers such as Apple with their modems. Now there have been some talks in the past about Apple potentially looking to develop their own modem, and it seems that they almost had a helping hand from Intel.


Intel Announces All 9th Generation Core Processors
Intel may have launched the 8-core 9900K last year but the lineup was missing all of its lower-end chips. The company has finally rectified that today by unveiling the entire 9th Gen Core processor series. These include all the desktop and mobile 45W CPUs.

Intel To Exit The 5G Smartphone Modem Business
While Intel is clearly dominating the computer business, the company isn’t doing so well on the mobile front. The company had previously attempted to dabble with mobile chipsets but that did not fare so well. Then Intel started supplying components such as modems for mobile devices, like the iPhone, and it was reported that the company could actually be working to supply Apple with a 5G modem for future iPhones.

Intel Gen8 vPro CPUs Focus On Laptop Security and Performance
In the consumer space, CPU platforms are mostly about performance/price ratios, but enterprises have a different view of where value is, and that includes security.

5G iPhone Could Still Be On Track For 2020
According to a report from last year, it was suggested that Apple’s 5G iPhone might arrive in 2020. However, a report from last week revealed that Apple might miss that deadline and that their 5G iPhone could actually be launched in 2021 instead. This is apparently due to Apple finding it hard to obtain the necessary 5G components.

Intel Is Giving Up On Its Compute Cards
According to a new report, Intel has decided to end further development of its Compute Cards. The device was about the same size as a credit card and had the core components that make up a PC. This included a processor, RAM, storage, wireless modem, and more. The device was first showcased by Intel at CES 2017 and it seems that the company isn’t interested in making them anymore.

Intel To Launch 9th Gen Mobile Core Processors Before July
Intel has announced at the Game Developers Conference that it’s going to launch the 9th Gen Intel Core mobile H-series processors in the second half of this year. The lineup will include the new Intel Core i9 processor. It says that this new lineup of high-performance mobile processors will “power the ultimate laptops for gamers.”

Apple’s iMacs Get Updated With New Processors
Apple recently updated its iMac Pro where they gave users an option to add 256GB of RAM to the computer. For those who don’t see the need to own the iMac Pro and just want an iMac refresh, then you’re in luck because it seems that Apple has not forgotten about its iMac Pro and has given it an update.

Intel Will Build The Country's First Exascale Supercomputer
The United States does hold the crown for having the world’s most powerful supercomputer but it’s now looking to the future. With several countries in a race to build exascale supercomputers, the United States will be building such a system as well. Intel will develop the system in partnership with sub-contractor Cray Computing.

Intel’s 5G Modems Will Not Find Their Way Into Smartphones Until 2020
Right now Qualcomm will pretty much have the market cornered when it comes to 5G modems. Intel is expected to toss their hat into the ring, but unfortunately it seems that Intel’s 5G debut might only happen in 2020 which means that for an entire year, they will have no choice but to cede market share to Qualcomm.

Intel Unveils New RealSense Cameras That Can Help Machines Navigate
There are various ways in which robots and autonomous machines can navigate around by themselves. One of those ways is by using GPS, but it looks like Intel could be thinking up of other ways that such machines move around by themselves. The company has since taken the wraps off the new Intel RealSense Tracking Camera T265 (via Engadget).