Back in April, Apple finally gave its iMac lineup a much-deserved upgrade in terms of hardware and design. This came in the form of a new form factor, the 24-inch iMac, which was also powered by Apple’s new Apple Silicon M1 chipset that debuted in several Mac computers towards the end of 2020.

That being said, is the new 24-inch iMac worth upgrading to? If you’re coming from the Intel-powered 21-inch iMac, then the answer is yes. This is because according to the benchmarks for the M1 iMac, it has been found to be over 50%  faster than its predecessor. The M1 iMac scored 1729 for single-core performance, and 7459 for multi-core performance.

This is versus the 2019 21-inch iMac with an Intel Core i7 processor which scored 1109 for single-core performance, and 6014 for multi-core. To be fair, it is a 2-year old desktop and if the M1 didn’t outperform it, it would be downright shameful. As for the 27-inch iMac, the M1 managed to beat it in terms of single-core scores, but lost out to multi-core performance.

It will be interesting to see what kind of performance we might be able to expect from the 27-inch iMac refresh, which could be taking place later this year and where it might come with a new M2 chipset.

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