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iOS 6 Adoption Grew 29 Percent Because Of Google Maps
Google has just re-launched Google Maps for the iPhone last week, and just a few hours after its debut, the long-awaited mapping application topped the App Store, leaving Apple executives envious, and even exceeded 10 million downloads after 48 hours. So, if you’re just plain curious how Google Maps has affected iOS 6 so far, mobile ad company MoPub has an interesting answer. According to their research, iOS 6 adoption […]

App Store Gifting Comes To iOS 6
When iOS 6 was launched, iDevice users saw the end of the ability to gift apps from the App Store. Although Apple did not explain why, the newly redesigned App Store could hold the answer to the sudden demise of the cool feature. Today, however, Apple seems to be bringing back the feature just in time for the holiday season. To gift a specific app, simply click the action sheet […]

Google Voice Optimized for iOS 6 and iPhone 5
The Nook app from Barnes & Noble isn’t the only one getting an update today. Google is also updating its own Google Voice app to version 1.4.3. Users on iOS 6 who are dying to use Google Voice but just can’t due to the poor support will be happy to hear that the app is now optimized for iOS 6 and yes, the iPhone 5. Version 1.4.3 comes just two […]

iOS 6.0 Bug Downloads Same Audio Stream Multiple Times
Word has it that there is a system-wide bug found in Apple’s iOS 6.0.0 AV Foundation framework which was actually the culprit for triggering multiple downloads of streaming media, where among these include podcasts, over Wi-Fi and cellular networks, and the result of this would be massive data bills assuming one is not on an unlimited data plan. Public Radio Exchange Labs (PRX) laid claim to discovering this problem after […]


Native Google Maps for iOS 6 in alpha stages?
Most of you who follow tech news would know by now that Apple’s Maps offering on iOS 6 is far from the finished article, and when compared to the old Google Maps on older versions of iOS, you would feel as though you were ‘cheated’ in a sense, as Apple’s Maps app is relatively gimped in comparison. There have been users who clamored for Google to release a native iOS […]

Apple and SBB come to agreement over iOS 6 Clock app
Funny how Apple went all out to make sure that Samsung paid their dues in terms of infringing upon Apple’s design patents, and the Cupertino company was challenged by the Swiss national railway (SBB) for using their iconic clock design in iOS 6’s Clock application without asking for any permission prior. Sure, Apple might argue that they were “inspired” by the old school design, but I guess you just have […]

Survey finds that 74% of respondents have no problems with Apple's Maps app
There has been quite a bit of fuss lately over the quality of Apple’s Maps app. While it certainly was touted to be a powerful program at its unveiling, reports across the web has suggested that it leaves much to be desired. That being said, a recent survey conducted by a SEO ranking company has found that a pretty surprising 74% of those they surveyed said that they were fine […]

Apple reportedly knew about Maps problems prior to launch
The whole point of beta releases is so that beta testers can weed out the bugs in a program before it is released to the general public. That being said, it seems that Apple had known about the various bugs plaguing its Maps app before it was released in the iOS 6 update. This is according to six iOS developers who spoke with CNET, claiming that they had sent various […]

Apple to get retail store employees to help improve their Maps app [Rumor]
It is no secret that many iOS users out there are wishing that the Google Maps app was still available on their device as Apple’s take on a Maps app left much to be desired. The bad news is that based on what everyone is saying at the moment, it will take Apple a while to fix the Maps app as they will need to play catchup with Google in […]

iOS 6 cellular data bug not limited to Verizon Wireless?
We talked about the presence of a cellular bug in iOS 6 which actually consumed precious cellular data even when one is connected to a Wi-Fi network, and while it seems that Verizon Wireless had already fixed that issue, there are users of the iPhone 5 on AT&T who also complain of the same thing happening to them, including others who have upgraded to iOS 6 while using older iPhone […]

iOS 6 reportedly drains the batteries of iPhone 4 and 4S
Only recently, Apple rolled out the iOS 6 update. The update brought a whole host of features to the iOS devices. But all that seems rather overshadowed by one glaring mistake – that of the inclusion of Apple’s Maps after having ditched Google Maps. These past few days, the web has been fraught with complaints of the users and reviewers, citing the obvious anomalies in the new Maps app in […]

Jailbreak for iOS 6 and iPhone 5 not expected for months
With the release of the iPhone 5 and iOS 6, we’re sure that there are many iOS users out there who are itching to have their devices jailbroken. Unfortunately if that describes your current situation, you might be in for a wait. This was revealed by none other than pod2g during the JailbreakCon 2012 where he stated that there is no working untethered jailbreak available for iOS 6 yet. In […]

iOS 6 WiFi issues persist?
Just a week ago, we reported that the Wi-Fi bug in iOS 6 has been fixed, but it seems as though that was a premature conclusion as some iDevice owners who have upgraded to iOS 6 still reported that the Wi-Fi issues continue to plague their device. In a 91-page thread on Apple’s Support Communities webpage (and growing, I would suppose), this just speaks volumes – literally and figuratively, on […]

Eric Schmidt: No Google Maps for iOS 6. Now What?
The Apple Maps train wreck continues to unfold, and while a huge amount of disgruntled customers were hoping for an arrival of Google Maps to fix all their navigation issues, Eric Schmidt, the chairman of Google has confirmed that there is no Google Map app for iPhone 5 in the works. “We have not done anything yet”, he said to reporters from Reuters. We’ve told you about the Apple mapping […]