iPad 2

G-Form Extreme Sleeve 2 for iPad released
Remember the G-Form Extreme Sleeve that gave the iPad the ability to withstand the force of a falling 12-pound bowling ball, or survive a 500-foot drop from the sky? Well, its creator, G-Form has announced an update to the original protective sleeve. Called the G-Form Extreme Sleeve 2, it has all the features of the original G-Form Extreme Sleeve, as well as an additional RPT (Reactive Protection Technology) edge layer […]

Apple rumored to release iPad 2 Plus this year
2011 looks like the year of the “plus”. While Google has the recently launched Google+ social network, an analyst recently told the International Business Times that Apple might be releasing an iPad 2 refresh later this year, dubbed the “iPad 2 plus”. This new iPad 2 is said to have a higher resolution display (250-300 ppi), an improvement over the iPad 2’s 132-ppi resolution.Like all rumors, remember to take this […]

Bing 1.1 brings Lasso to the iPad
The folks over at Bing have just released a new update to the Bing iPad app with an interesting new feature: Lasso. The team discovered that currently, it takes at least nine steps to copy and paste text in an iPad in order to search for something. But now, they’ve managed to bring it down to two steps. Using the Lasso tool, all users have to do is draw a […]

Suppliers to ship 5 million iPad 2 touch sensors this month
Since the iPad 2’s launch earlier this year, it looks consumer demand for the iOS tablet hasn’t been slowing down at all. Facing shortages earlier this year, and then recovering – Apple isn’t going to let that happen again. The company has been reported to be receiving a shipment of 5 million touch sensors for the iPad 2 this month.With Apple expected to ship between 12-14 million iPads in Q3 […]


Your iPad and Macbook can now wear A.P.C. Designer Jeans
For those who are wondering about the A.P.C. brand, they’re actually a designer brand of jeans from France that specializes in raw denim jeans which could easily fetch hundreds of dollars for each pair. Together with Incase, they have produced a set of sleeves for the iPad as well as the Macbook that will also cost you a pretty penny, although we have to admit they do look very stylish.

Smart Armor protects the iPad 2 with style
Despite being extremely versatile, one of the caveats of using the Smart Cover for the iPad 2 is its incompatibility with a number of cases for the iPad 2. Most of the time it was either a choice of keeping your iPad 2 shielded from behind or in front but not both at once. Now there are a lot more Smart Cover-friendly cases on the market but that means spending […]

Apple's iPad Helps A 9 Year Old Girl With Eyesight Problems
Melbourne schoolgirl Holly Bligh, aged 9, has albinism which is a genetic condition that affects not only the pigment in her skin, hair and eyes, but also her vision. Normally for Holly to read, she would require a hefty magnifying glass, and work sheets given out by her teachers would have to be magnified when photocopied specially for her. Well now thanks to the iPad, it seems that most of […]

moduIR Case System for iPad 2 now shipping
moduIR has just announced that the update of its popular iPad case, the moduIR Case System for the iPad 2 is now available in stores. In case you didn’t know, the moduIR Case System is a hardshell case that wraps around your iPad to keep it protected from being accidentally damaged or scratched in your day to day usage. In addition to just protecting the tablet, the moduIR Case System […]

Alesis iO Dock turns your iPad into a powerful recording device
Sure, we all know that the iPad is a great tool especially when it comes to creating music. When you have a famous band on a major label creating an album using only the iPad – you don’t need to look any further than that. While it is great for creating music using software, the tablet struggles when it comes to recording real-life instruments. Not because the tablet’s powerful processor […]

Singapore National Service recruits to receive iPads this November
It is compulsory for able-bodied males citizens and permanent residents to serve time in the National Service if you’re living in the city-state known as Singapore, and while the thought of actually entering the battlefield remains but a distant vision due to the nature of the political region’s relative stability (it is no Middle East, that’s for sure), it would still help if you know how to handle a rifle, […]

Skype for iPad video leaked online
Tired of being limited to only chatting with Facetime over the iPad 2? Well, we’ve got some great news for you. The folks over at Mac Rumors managed to get their hands on a video clip demonstrating Skype for iPad that was allegedly posted on Skype’s YouTube channel and then quickly removed. Fortunately, a YouTube user named @trackizmy1 captured it and put it back online. At the moment there is […]

Turn Your iPad 2 Invisible With The Invisibility App
Magic tricks with the iPad and iPhone never cease to amaze me, and with the Invisibility app, while technically not really that much of a magic trick, sure makes a pretty good party trick, or perhaps to give you an edge in those endless “Apple vs Android” debates. At the very least we’re expecting your Android friends to put down their tablets and wow over the app for at least […]

British Phone Booth Gets Updated With Skype
The phone booth is such a classic icon, not only used by Clark Kent to change into his Superman outfit in, or to film the movie, or to take photos with, but has also been one of the more iconic “structures” that people would use to identify with Britain. In a fusion of the old and the new, Prof. Michael Shaughnessy decided to convert the phone booth into something a little more […]

T-Mobile markets the G-Slate as faster than the iPad 2 and the Xoom
The folks over at TmoNews recently got their hands on some internal documents stating T-Mobile’s plans on how they are going to market the G-Slate. Apparently they’ve got the legal approval to tell customers that the G-Slate is more than “2x faster than the iPad 2 on AT&T and Verizon, and over 3x faster than the Motorola Xoom”.While the statements are inherently true right now (T-Mobile’s HSPA+ 42Mbps network is […]