Vogel RingO

In the sea of cases and mounts available for tablets on the market, it’s quite hard to stand out amongst the competition. OEMs need to make cases that have functions that others don’t, or they have to make cases that do everything that everyone else can do, but with one case and in Vogel’s case – it’s the latter. The company from Netherlands has come up with a case called RingO that basically lets you mount your iPad, iPad 2 or Galaxy Tab onto virtually any surface: walls, cars, tiles and boats to let you watch movies, read news or use an app hands free. The RingO is a protective case that you can slip your tablet into to keep it safe while you’re travelling or using it. However, it also has a giant hole – or ring (presumably that’s where it got its name from) that you can affix various mounts that allow the tablet to stick onto different surfaces. Just leave the mounts wherever you think you might need them, and you can easily transfer the tablet from one mount to another. The RingO will be available all over the world starting late April from major retailers and Apple Premium Resellers and will cost $69.99 for the Starter Pack and $99.99 for the Car Pack. Never fumble around with Google Maps in the car again, with the Car Mount keeping your tablet stable and more importantly, your hands on the steering wheel. Head here to find out more about the Vogel RingO.

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