iPad 2

Griffin IntelliCase for iPad 2 now available
One of the drawbacks to the Smart Cover is that it only protected the front of your iPad 2. Case manufacturers have realized this for quite some time now and have been making covers that have the features of both the Smart Cover and regular protection for the back of the tablet. Latest one to join the party is Griffin Technology with its IntelliCase for iPad 2.It features a regular […]

Targus Versavu Keyboard+Case for iPad 2
For those who would rather replace their laptops with an iPad 2, but still want a physical keyboard to type long emails, or edit substantial documents, Targus has come up with the Targus Versavu, Kayboard and Case, a variant of their original Versavu case.Just like the original Versavu case, the exterior is made of leather (I’m not sure if it’s real leather or not), and the part that holds the […]

iPad 2 Game Boy case rolls back the years
Folks who grew up with the Game Boy as their primary means of portable entertainment would definitely have fond memories of the number of hours that monochrome graphics are able to deliver. Well, fast forward to today, and you end up with the iPad 2 being one of the more powerful portable gaming devices out there. Why not merge the new with the old with the iPad 2 Game Boy […]

Gold History Edition iPad 2 has dinosaur fragments in it
We’re not sure what it is about iOS devices which seems to make people want to bling them out, but if you have £5 million to spare (which roughly converts to about $8 million) then perhaps this blinged out iPad 2 might be something worth considering.


Premium iPad 2 a possibility?
Yes, we all know that many eyes are trained on the iPhone 5 that is touted to arrive sometime in September or October, but that doesn’t mean Apple does not own any other high value “targets” – the iPad family being one of them. It seems that whispers are on the street, touting a premium version of the iPad 2 being in production, where it is intended to appeal to […]

iPad Head Girl
The iPad Head Girl – ’nuff said. Just how many creative things do you think you can do with your iPad or its successor, the iPad 2? Well, apart from completing Angry Birds with all its add-ons, collecting three stars for each level not to mention cracking all the golden eggs, surely your iPad is also an above average productivity tool regardless of where you are – battery life notwithstanding, […]

Splashtop XDisplay turns your iPad into an extra screen for your PC
Wish you had an extra monitor but don’t feel like spending any extra money on getting one? If you have a computer running Windows 7, a WiFi connection and an iPad – you’re in luck. Splashtop Inc. has just announced the release of its Splashtop XDisplay app for iPad that turns your iPad into your second monitor for your desktop or laptop computer.

Booq Viper Slider case for the iPad 2 works with docks
While it’s usually a great idea to have protective cases for your iPad, one of the drawbacks to using one is the fact most cases usually make the tablet impossible to use with a dock. This is largely due to the design of the cut outs on the case itself or the fact that the case makes it too bulky to fit into a dock. Well the folks over at […]

iPad 2 Display Dock for the ultimate iOS fan
How many iOS gadgets do you own? If the answer is more than one, then you’re probably looking for convenient way to store them when not in use, so they don’t end up missing all around your house. Plus it would be convenient for you to find, after all nobody likes looking around the house for their phone, tablet or mp3 player when they’re in a rush right?

Anymode copies iPad 2 Smart Cover for Galaxy Tab 10.1
Anymode from Korea must have ran out of ideas as they decided to take the iPad 2’s Smart Cover as a very close inspiration for the Samsung Galaxy Tab’s cover – sporting a similar folding 4-segment design as well as the same range of colors. The only thing it doesn’t do? It won’t work with the iPad, since it is meant to just dress your Android-powered tablet’s back as some […]

ZAGGfolio iPad 2 casing comes with a Bluetooth keyboard as well
Keyboard docks and keyboard cases for the iPad have been sprouting up like weeds lately, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing (keyboard cases/docks I mean, not weeds) as it gives us consumers multiple brands to choose from.

Aluminum Keyboard Buddy turns your iPad 2 into a MacBook Air lookalike
Regret purchasing an iPad 2 instead of a MacBook Air? Well, it might be too late to send it back for a refund, but you can still make the most of what you already have. MIC Gadget has come up with yet another keyboard case for the iPad 2 called the Aluminum Keyboard Buddy Case for you iPad 2 owners having second guesses.Sure there are plenty of cases available to […]

iMAME4All now includes support for the iCade
For those who are unfamiliar with the iCade, it started off as an April Fools joke by the guys at ThinkGeek, but due to the overwhelming demand for the gadget to be made a reality, ThinkGeek decided to put it into a production and set it for a May 2011 release. Now thanks to iMAME4All, who has decided to add experimental support for the iCade, retro arcade gamers and emulation […]

iLuv iSP10 is a iPad 2 speaker case
It was only yesterday we reported on iLuv’s speaker dock for the iPad which resembled a desktop computer, and now we have another iLuv product for the iPad in the shape of the iSP210 Portable Stereo Speaker Case. Speaker cases aren’t exactly new, but the difference in this speaker case is that iLuv seems to have managed to closely copy some of the colors found on the smart covers Apple […]