ipadpro_5Just last week we saw photos of alleged iPad Pro cases make their way online. Unfortunately the photos don’t really give us a clue as to how big the tablet will be compared to the regular iPad, but thanks to Arktis.de, they have managed to get their hands on more photos which compares the iPad Pro to that of the iPad Air 2, and boy the difference is pretty telling.

Now we should point out that adding a case no doubt adds a bit of thickness and size, but hopefully these comparison photos should be good and obvious enough to tell the difference. As for the dimensions of the case, it was found that it is approximately 307mm high and 222mm wide, and its thickness has been estimated to be between 6.8mm to 7.2mm.

According to the rumors, the iPad Pro is expected to feature a display of 12.9-inches, which should put it around the same ballpark as the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 tablet. Assuming the tablet is real, Apple could no doubt give Microsoft a run for their money with its larger display, selection of apps, and of course their branding and customer loyalty.

The iPad Pro is also expected to be more than just a tablet. There will apparently be two ports – a Lightning connector and a USB-C connector, hinting that Apple might have additional plans for the device, like maybe a keyboard accessory for example. In any case take it with a grain of salt for now, but check back with us at a later date for additional details.

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