iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 (read our iPhone 5 review) is a smartphone from Apple. It was launched on Sept 12 2012 and features a 4″ display, 4G LTE, a thinner chassis and a faster A6 processor. At the time of its launch, it was obviously the best iPhone yet, but a large number of customers and observers came out very divided about its feature set. The lack of large screen was a main point of friction and many wished that there was a larger iPhone 5. FB Survey: are you impressed by the iPhone 5? Tell the world.

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Iron Man Mark VII Armor Case For iPhone 5 Features A Flashing Power Core
This weekend is one comic book fans have been waiting all year for as Iron Man 3 will soon be released in theaters across the U.S. We know you’re probably excited enough to wear something Iron Man related, maybe even taking your 7-foot tall Iron Man figure with you. But true Iron Man fans who happen to have an iPhone 5 will want to also deck out their device with an […]

iPhone 5 VS Samsung Galaxy S3 VS Galaxy S4 In "Torture" Test
With the competition between Apple and Samsung being extremely fierce, not just in terms of products, but in the courtrooms as well, we expect that many are wondering just how well the Samsung Galaxy S4 holds up against Apple’s flagship smartphone, the iPhone 5. Given that they both run different operating systems and therefore cater to different types of users and different needs, we guess one way to compare the […]

San Francisco Cops Go Undercover To Prevent iPhone Thefts
Statistics show that the percentage of iPhone ownership in San Francisco is very, very close to the ratio of 1:2, which clearly places it at the highest rate of any major city in the US. This does not come across as a surprise considering how the city’s population has a soft spot towards Apple, and not only that, it would naturally mean that the percentage of iPhone theft in this […]

$25,000 Diamond Encrusted iPhone 5 Is Ridiculously Extravagant
Remember we reported on a $15 million diamond encrusted iPhone 5 the other day? Well if you don’t have $15 million to spare but you wouldn’t mind dropping $25,000 instead, there’s a diamond encrusted iPhone 5 that has been spotted on sale in Hong Kong, China. Considering that Hong Kong is one of the financial hubs of Asia, attempting to sell this $25,000 might actually be possible! The whole phone […]


iPhone 5 Display Compared To Samsung Galaxy S4, Determined To Be A Tie By Display Expert
With the iPhone 5 being Apple’s current flagship device, and the Samsung Galaxy S4 being Samsung’s and the whole Apple versus Samsung debate, we’re sure there are many wondering if they should get themselves an iPhone 5 or maybe the Galaxy S4. While it certainly is a matter of preference and need, the specialists at DisplayMate have decided that as far as the displays are concerned, they have deemed it […]

Samsung Galaxy S4 Teardown Confirms It Is Easier To Repair
The folks over at iFixit regularly post detailed teardowns of the most latest gadgets. Naturally, the Samsung Galaxy S4 was to go under their knife as well, and so it has. Their teardown reveals that the device is actually much more easier to repair than its counterparts such as iPhone 5 and HTC One. It is this way because the Galaxy S4 has a battery that can be removed and […]

Report: Apple Returned 8 Million Faulty iPhone 5 Smartphones
The iPhone certainly took the smartphone world by storm since it was introduced back in 2007, and we have seen our fair share of iterations and next generation iPhones over the years. Well, moving 8 million units of smartphones is certainly no mean feat no matter how you look at it, considering how majority of the other smartphone manufacturers do not sell that many handsets, it seems even more incredible […]

Limited Edition Star Wars iPhone 5 Cases Are Unique
With the amount of attention that the Star Wars franchise seems to be getting these days, what better way to show that you’re up to date and with the times than with limited edition Star Wars iPhone 5 cases, right? Well maybe not, but if you’re a fan of the franchise and would like to show your love for the franchise, these limited iPhone 5 cases could be worth taking […]

Diamond Encrusted iPhone 5 With Black Diamond Home Button Costs $15 million
Sometime I have to wonder what do the richest of the rich do with their money? Well if you happen to know someone like that, here’s a way they could easily spend $15 million. It seems that a Hong Kong businessman has decided to get an iPhone 5 commissioned with diamonds all over its body, and to top it off, it would sport a giant 26 carat black diamond which […]

iPhone 5 Brought T-Mobile One Of Its Biggest Launch Weekend
Its only been a couple of days since T-Mobile started offering iPhone 5 officially on its network. The Chief Marketing Officer, Mike Sievert, said that T-Mobile experiences lines out the door at nearly 3,000 of its stores across the country. He said that the launch day was “gangbusters,” which means that it went really well. As far as the whole weekend is concerned, the company now says that iPhone 5 brought […]

Schneider Unveils iPro Series 2 Lenses For The iPhone 5
If you’re interested in taking your iPhone photography skills to the next level, you’ll probably need to go beyond the apps and the default camera lens and look for external accessories. With that being said, Schneider has revealed the iPro Series 2 set of lenses that will place nicely with the iPhone 5. These new lenses have been re-tooled for fit the iPhone 5 and are a wide-angle lens and […]

World’s Most Expensive Phone Costs $15 Million
British designer Stuart Hughes is a name that is more often than not associated with the glitzy and expensive lifestyle, as he has come up with plenty of weird and pricey designs in the past, including an iPad that had a real T-Rex bone in it. Well, this time around, Stuart Hughes has churned out what could very well be the most expensive smartphone in the world, where he calls […]

T-Mobile iPhone 5 Now Available For $99
It’s been a long time coming as T-Mobile getting the iPhone on its network has been rumored ever since the iPhone was debuted. Apple’s smartphone was first made available on AT&T, then hit Verizon and Sprint, and today, the fourth-largest wireless carrier, T-Mobile, can now say they have the iPhone for sale.The recent launch of T-Mobile’s new contract-free mobile plans couldn’t have come at a better time as its customers could […]

Verizon CEO Claims He Convinced Steve Jobs To Include LTE In The iPhone
Prior to the release of the iPhone 4S, many had speculated that the phone would come with 4G LTE capabilities. However this was shot down because Apple had at that time not yet figured a way to include LTE whilst providing decent battery life. Come iPhone 5, it seems that iPhone users would finally be able to enjoy LTE speeds on their phone, but who do we have to thank […]