While the larger display on the iPhone 5 is a welcome change, one of the problems it has created is that there are apps out there who have yet to be updated to fit the iPhone 5’s 4” display. Apple tried to remedy this by installing black bars at the top and bottom of non-optimized apps, which on the black iPhone 5 kind of gives it the illusion that it’s still full screen. On the white iPhone 5 however, this doesn’t work out so well. Now the good news is that if you have jailbroken your iPhone 5, you might be interested in this tweak called FullForce which is developed by famed iOS developer, Ryan Petrich.

In case the screenshot above hasn’t clued you in, what FullForce does is that it takes apps that have yet to be optimized for the iPhone 5, and stretches them to fill up the display. According to the app, upon installation, launching apps that aren’t optimized for the iPhone 5’s display will prompt you and ask if you would like to enable FullForce to help stretch it out. This can be enabled and disabled as we’re sure that there are some apps that don’t look good when stretched, but if you want to check it out, the tweak can be downloaded via the BigBoss repository for $0.99. If you have installed it let us know in the comments below on how it is treating you!

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