Following the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S8, we’re sure that many were curious to see how it performed, although unfortunately a speed test showed that the 2016 iPhone 7 managed to trounce the newly-launched Galaxy S8. So what about an even older iPhone like the 2015 iPhone 6s?

Unfortunately for Samsung, it seems that even Apple’s (nearly) 2-year old phone managed to beat out the brand new Galaxy S8. In the video above uploaded by PhoneBuff, it shows how the iPhone 6s managed to finish a round of launching apps in a time of 1 minute 34.8 seconds. This is versus the Galaxy S8 which took 1 minute 41.48 seconds.

The second lap saw the iPhone 6s complete in 42.56 seconds, while the Galaxy S8 took 49.55 seconds. We suppose the difference in speed isn’t so great and like we’ve said in the past, speed isn’t always everything as there are things to take into consideration like user experience, design, features, camera, and so on.

However it is interesting because Apple rarely boasts tech specs, and many have given the company flack for its seemingly lack of RAM and lesser cores processor, but we suppose this video should put some of that to bed.

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