New Alleged 6.1-inch iPhone Photo Hints At Larger Camera

It is widely expected that Apple’s 2018 iPhones will not differ too greatly in terms of design from last year’s iPhone X, where they will be adopting the edge-to-edge display even for the 6.1-inch LCD iPhone. In fact photos of alleged dummy units have surfaced in the past which shows off said design.

Icon In iOS 12 Beta Seemingly Confirms Larger ‘iPhone X Plus’

A larger 6.5-inch iPhone has been rumored for 2018. However as is the case with rumors, it’s probably best taken with a grain of salt, but a recent tweet by developer Guilherme Rambo, it seems that the larger iPhone might have been confirmed in an icon spotted in the latest iOS 12 beta’s PassKitUIFoundation.

TSMC Temporarily Halts Production Following Computer Virus

Could Apple’s iPhones be delayed or be available in limited quantities at the start? That usually seems to be the case, and unfortunately that might not change with 2018’s iPhones because in a statement released by TSMC, it appears that the company’s production had to be temporarily halted due to the discovery of a computer virus.

Dual SIM iPhone Could Be Exclusive To China

Recently thanks to hints spotted in the latest iOS 12 beta, it was suggested that Apple could be working on bringing dual SIM functionality to their iPhones. However it was not mentioned as to whether or not this could be a feature available to all iPhone models, or if it could be limited to certain models, and for certain markets.


Apple Might Not Bundle Lightning-To-Headphone Jack Converter With 2018 iPhones

When Apple launched the iPhone 7, they made a rather bold choice by eliminating the headphone jack from the phone. The debate about whether or not the 3.5mm jack is still necessary in today’s tech landscape is still ongoing, but safe to say that this was a rather controversial move.

Apple Has Become The First Trillion Dollar Company In The US

At the start of 2018, it was predicted by some that Apple could very well be on their way to become the first company to be worth $1 trillion. However at the rate some of the competition was growing, there were some who believed that Amazon could beat Apple to the punch, but as it turns out that is no longer the case.

Apple Working With Chinese Carriers To Reduce Spam

Recently you might have heard reports of how Chinese state-run media have leveled accusations and criticisms against Apple for not doing enough to fight against spam, where it seems that iPhone users in the country were receiving messages for illegal content such as gambling and pornography.

Apple’s New iPhones Could Be Announced On The 11th Or 12th September

Apple is expected to announce their new iPhones in September. This has been somewhat tradition for many years now, although when exactly in September this year is anyone’s guess, but that’s a guess the folks at CNET have decided to take a stab at and they have come up with some possible dates.

New Dummy Models Of All Three 2018 iPhones Revealed

For the longest time ever, Apple released one flagship iPhone model per year, but that changed with the iPhone 6 where Apple started toying with the idea of two flagship models, then came 2017 when Apple decided to go with three models. This trend is expected to continue in 2018 as Apple is also rumored to launch three models.

Hands-On Video Of Alleged Dummy Units Of 6.1-inch & 6.5-inch iPhones

Several days ago, alleged photos of dummy units of the 6.1-inch and 6.5-inch 2018 iPhones were leaked. However for those who are hoping for more information and details about these alleged models, you might be interested to learn that hands-on videos of the dummy units have since found their way online.

Chinese Media Accuses Apple Of Not Doing Enough To Filter Illegal Content

If someone decides to use YouTube to post illegal content, whose fault is it, or rather who does the onus fall onto to prevent something like that from happening? Many have criticized YouTube in the past for allow such content to surface, and it looks like YouTube is not alone because over in China, Apple is facing similar criticisms.

Apple Reportedly Commands 8% Of China’s Smartphone Market

While there are some markets in which Apple dominates in, there are others in which the company is struggling. A good example would be in China in which according to recent data shared by Counterpoint Research, has revealed the extent in which the competition is besting Apple in the country.

Apple’s Q3 2018 Financials Reveal $53.3 Billion In Revenue

There have been some who have cast doubt on the popularity of Apple’s iPhones, especially its latest models which let’s face it, aren’t exactly cheap, which can be a dangerous game to play in today’s market which seems to be rife with competition from Chinese manufacturers offering phones at half the price of the iPhone X.

6.5-inch iPhone X Plus Could Feature iPad-Like Landscape Mode

One of the rumors for 2018’s iPhones is that Apple could be looking to introduce a larger 6.5-inch model. However it seems that the change won’t just be in its display size, but also some of its software functionality where due to its larger size, it could support iPad-like landscape mode.