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iPhone 12 Users On Verizon Might Actually Be Better Off Using 4G
During Apple’s iPhone 12 presentation, they brought Verizon’s CEO Hans Vestberg onto stage where they highlighted 5G and how iPhone 12 users could benefit from it. This is more or less a given, considering that 5G will indeed offer up faster speeds compared to previous technologies like 4G, but it seems that in the real-world, that isn’t necessarily the case.

Samsung Walks Back On Their Post Mocking Apple For Not Including Charger
When Apple’s iPhone 12 was officially announced and it was confirmed that the handset would come without a charger, many were quick to mock the company, such as Samsung who posted an ad saying, “Your #Galaxy does give you what you are looking for. From the most basic as a charger, to the best camera, battery, performance, memory and even 120Hz screen.”

iPhone 13 Could Have A Less Obnoxious Notch
Right now, the notch has become part of the iPhone’s design for the past few years and we expect that it will be here to stay for a few more. However, a report from DigiTimes claims that with the iPhone 13, the notch is expected to be smaller compared to previous generations of the iPhone.

The iPhone 12 Is The World’s Top 5G Smartphone
With the launch of the iPhone 12, it marks Apple’s foray into the 5G smartphone market. The company can sort of be thought of being “late” to the game given that we’ve seen 5G smartphones launch back in 2019, but it turns out that maybe it did not matter because the iPhone 12 has managed to become the top 5G smartphone.


iPhone 13 Could Support WiFi 6E
Apple’s iPhone 12 comes with support for WiFi 6, but it seems that the next-gen iPhone, presumably known as the iPhone 13, could come with support for a slightly newer version of WiFi 6 called WiFi 6E.

Instagram Now Supports Apple’s ProRAW
One of the new features that Apple introduced with its latest iPhones is a new “format” called ProRAW, although to be fair, it’s not really a new format, but rather it is based on the RAW image format. Some had initially wondered about it, and whether or not it would only usable between iOS and Mac devices, but it turns out that won’t be the case.

81% Of iPhones From The Last Four Years Are Running On iOS 14
One of the advantages that iOS has over Android is timely and extended software updates and support. Android devices are typically kept updated for around 2 years, after which users are pretty much on their own. This perk of iOS can clearly be seen in Apple’s latest iOS adoption figures where the company claims that 81% of iPhones from the past four years are now running on iOS 14.

Google Stadia Is Now Playable On iPhones And iPads
Last month, Google teased that Stadia would finally be arriving for iOS devices and it looks like that day has finally arrived. For those who are interested in streaming games on their iPhones and iPads, you will now be able to choose Stadia as one of the game streaming platforms available to you.

iOS 14.3 Released With ProRAW Support
One of the reasons why some professional photographers love capturing images in the RAW format is because it gives them more flexibility when it comes to making edits. This is versus other formats like JPEG which might have already been processed and compressed, thus already applying certain effects that you might not want.

How To Change Default Browser On iPhone And iPad
It used to be impossible to change the default apps on your iOS device, but with iOS 14, Apple has made some concessions, one of which is the changing of your default browser.

iPhone 6s Falls Out Of A Plane And Survives, Recording Its Fall All The Way Down
Sometimes our tech has a way of surprising us. For example, your phone falling out of your pocket and hitting the ground can sometimes result in catastrophic damage, even if the distance isn’t that great. But at the same time, we’ve heard reports of phones falling from even greater heights or surviving underwater for months but yet still somehow remain functional.

Not All iPhone 13 Models Will Have A 120Hz Display
It was rumored that Apple could launch an iPhone this year with 120Hz refresh rates, but that did not make the cut. However, we did hear some rumors that suggested that next year’s models, the iPhone 13, could come with such a display, but unfortunately it seems that it won’t be applicable to all models.

This Frankenstein Device Contains Both An iPhone 12 And An Apple 1 Computer
The Apple 1 is one of the rarest computers in existence, simply because it isn’t being made anymore. However, it holds historical value as it marks the very early days of Apple. Those who own existing units can actually sell them for quite a bit of money, where one actually sold close to $1 million at an auction.

iPhone 13 Expected To Go Back To September/October Launch Timeframes
Due to the pandemic, travel restrictions around the world were put into place to try and curb the spread of the virus as much as possible. This meant that it became a lot harder to accomplish certain jobs and tasks, like how Apple typically sends its engineers to China for them to test prototypes and ensure that everything is going according to plan.

Apple Has Started Work On Its Own Cellular Modems
Last year, Apple confirmed that they would be acquiring Intel’s modem business for $1 billion. It’s probably not a stretch to think that the company would be using their acquisition to start making their own cellular modems, and that’s exactly what they’re doing, according to a report from Bloomberg.

Apple Could Ditch Charging Cables In Its iPhones Next
Right now, as part of Apple’s apparent move to lessen their environmental impact, the company has opted to ditch the chargers included with its iPhones, which in turn also reduces the size of their iPhone packaging. The company does at the very least provide a USB-C to Lightning cable that users can use with a compatible charger.

Almost 80% Of iPhone Users Want Touch ID To Come Back
While there’s no denying the effectiveness of Face ID, there are some who might actually prefer the convenience of Touch ID. This is because sometimes Face ID fails to recognize faces if the phone isn’t angled properly or if you’re squinting, or aren’t looking directly at the phone. This is versus Touch ID that can unlock a phone without you having to raise it to your face.

Apple Is Having A Hard Time Meeting Demand For Its iPhone 12 Pro Models
In the past couple of years, we’ve seen an interesting shift in the smartphone market, where customers are starting to prefer mid-range phones. It is possible that this is due to the fact that many smartphone companies are pricing their flagships a bit too outrageously, which explains why devices like the iPhone XR and the iPhone 11 sold way more than its more expensive siblings.

This Gadget Turns iPhone Portrait Photos Into Holograms
Holograms are pretty cool, although in terms of practicality and usefulness, we’re not sure if we’ve completely figured that one out yet. However, we have seen how it can be used at concerts, and if you’ve ever wanted your own personal hologram, it might seem like it could be a very expensive affair, but that might not be the case.

The iPhone 12’s LiDAR Sensor Can Be Used For More Than Just Photography
When the iPhone 12 was launched, one of the features included was a LiDAR sensor. Apple had touted the inclusion of this technology as being able to help with the camera and autofocusing, even when there is low-light. However, a recent video uploaded by the BBC has shown that it can do more than just that.