Apple’s 2019 iPhones Could Offer Reverse Wireless Charging

When Apple launched their 2017 iPhones, they finally introduced wireless charging to its smartphones. In fact there have been recently discovered patents that even suggests that Apple could be interested in reverse wireless charging. However it looks like those patents could very well come true soon enough.

How to Create App Folders on iPhone

Staying organized is a way to save time. You can do this by Creating folders and Grouping Apps of same nature all at one place. It is effortless and an efficient practice which you must follow absolutely. In this article, we will walk you through all the steps needed to Create Folders and Group apps on iPhone

New Report ‘Confirms’ 2019 iPhones Will Sport A Triple Camera

With Android smartphones these days starting to feature triple cameras or more, it makes the iPhone’s dual cameras feel downright pedestrian. However according to earlier rumors, there were some claims that suggested that 2019’s iPhones could come with a triple camera setup, which seems to be the rage these days.

iPhone Saves Life Of Its Owner By Taking An Arrow Meant For Him

In the past we have come across incredible stories of how our gadgets have managed to save lives by stopping things like bullets and shrapnel. Adding to those stories is a report out of Australia in which it seems that a man from New South Wales had his life saved by his iPhone when it stopped an arrow that was shot at him.


Best Phone Cameras, By Photo Quality & Hardware Capabilities

Searching for the best smartphone camera? You are at the right place. We test and rank the best camera phones with our Uber-G Camera IQ score, which comes from analyzing photos from up close, and explained in our Mobile Camera Reviews.

iPhone XS, XS Max Suffering From Animation Stutter Bug

Apple’s new iPhones are supposed to represent the best that the company has to offer in terms of hardware and technological advancements. They feature the most powerful chipset that Apple has to offer, but it seems that despite being as powerful as they are meant to be, some users are running into some stuttering issues on their phone.

Apple Rumored To Begin AR Glasses Production This Year

It has been rumored for a couple of years that Apple is working on iPhone-powered augmented reality glasses. The company hasn’t acknowledged the existence of such a product but a well-regarded Apple analyst is now claiming that the company could begin production of its AR glasses later this year.

Did You Know: iDevices More Likely To Be Misplaced Than Stolen

Apple charging such a premium on their iPhones isn’t doing their customers any favors because it also means that iPhones are now more desirable than ever to thieves. However what’s interesting is that based on data from Prey, a device-protection company, it seems that your iDevice is more likely to have been misplaced than stolen.

iPhone Prices Are Reportedly Being Slashed Again In China To Spur Sales

Demand for the iPhone in China seems to be weak and it is unclear if it could be due to the price simply being too high, or if it could be due to the trade war between both countries. Price cuts were then introduced to help spur sales, which some seem to believe could be working, but perhaps it isn’t working as well as Apple would have liked.

Analyst Thinks Apple Will Most Likely Build Its Own 5G iPhone Modems

While we’ve seen various Android smartphones announced at MWC that will come with support for 5G, Apple’s stance on 5G is still unclear. An earlier report suggested that Apple’s 5G iPhones could only launch in 2020, but a recent report from Bloomberg cites analyst Matthew Ramsay from Cowen who claims that Apple is currently in a bit of a tough spot.

Apple Changes Its Controversial iPhone Battery Repair Policy

Companies such as Apple would very much prefer if users were to go back to them for device repairs. We’re not sure if its a money issue where going to a third-party repair company would cause the company to lose revenue from repairs, or if it could be a safety issue. Unfortunately for iPhone users, sending your device to third-party repair shops has some downsides.

Apple Will Be ‘Rolling The Dice’ On Its Upcoming Products

In the past Apple has typically been seen as an innovative company, but recently their products and offerings just feel more of the same, where they don’t seem to be paying any attention to what their customers want or are saying to them. If you’re hoping that this could change in the future, think again.

Samsung Could Supply Displays For Apple’s Rumored Foldable iPhones

According to various patent filings, it would all seem to suggest that Apple could be exploring the idea of a foldable phone. This shouldn’t really come as a surprise as Apple probably wants to see if such a device is viable, but it might not necessarily indicate that the company will actually make such a device themselves.

Apple Has An Idea On How To Prevent Flexible Displays From Cracking

Are foldable phones the future? That’s hard to say given that no one has one yet and it has yet to be decided if the concept is pure novelty or if it truly represents the next evolution in terms of smartphone design. While Apple has kept mum about their plans or thoughts on such devices, they have been quietly exploring the idea.