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iPhone 12 Might Not Even Be Bundled With A Charger
According to a recent report, it was suggested that Apple might not bundle the EarPods with the iPhone 12. In a way it make sense as it would help tempt and encourage customers to pick up the AirPods in its place. However, a new report from analysts at Barclays have suggested something even more outrageous – no bundled charger.

iPhone 12 Could Ship With A 20W Power Adapter
Apple’s iPhones support fast charging, but this isn’t something that Apple bundled with its smartphones. Instead, customers are expected to purchase/use a separate power adapter of the MacBook Pro, along with a USB-C to Lightning cable. This will add up in costs, but that’s the price users will need to pay to take advantage of faster charging speeds.

iOS 14 Will Let Users Tap On The Back Of Their Phone To Launch Apps
So Apple has unveiled iOS 14. With the latest update to the platform, Apple has introduced a ton of new features that they demoed in their livestream. Naturally, the company wouldn’t be able to cover all of the new features, so it doesn’t really come as a surprise to learn that there are actually a lot more changes that we can look forward to.

Apple Could Rebrand iOS To ‘iPhone OS’
We’re not sure how many people might have known this or remember this, but back when the iPhone was first launched, Apple had taken to calling the operating system the “iPhone OS” instead of iOS which is what it is known today. Now according to a tweet by Jon Prosser, it seems that Apple could be going back to their roots.


iPhone 12 Could Use Qualcomm’s X60 5G Modem
According to the rumors, Apple’s iPhone 12 will feature support for 5G. In a new report from DigiTimes (paywall), the publication is claiming that Apple’s partner TSMC is expected to begin production of the A14 chipsets this month, which we suppose isn’t too surprising, but what’s interesting is the claim that TSMC will also be making Qualcomm’s X60 modem that will find its way into the iPhone 12.

LiDAR Sensor Might Be Exclusive To The High-End iPhone 12
When Apple launched the iPad Pro earlier this year, for the most part the internals remained the same. One of the main changes was the inclusion of a LiDAR sensor, which set of a new series of rumors claiming that Apple could also be looking to introduce LiDAR to its 2020 iPhone lineup as well.

Apple Patents A Way To Keep Drivers Alert In Self-Driving Cars
One of the perks of self-driving cars is that, well, it drives itself. This means that in theory, you could be doing something else while the car is being driven. However, this is often not advised because there could be situations where it might need human intervention and if you’re distracted, then it could lead to disastrous consequences.

More Analysts Believe EarPods Will Not Be Bundled With The iPhone 12
For the longest time ever, it has been common practice for handset makers to bundle basic earphones with their devices. However, it seems that Apple could be moving away from that practice. This is according to Wedbush analyst Dan Ives who believes that with the iPhone 12, Apple will not be bundling the EarPods with the smartphone.

New iPhone 12 Navy Blue Concept Photos Look Stunning
Last year when Apple launched the iPhone 11, they introduced it in a green finish. However, we’re hearing rumors that this year, Apple might actually ditch the green and go for a navy blue finish. How will it look like? That’s really anyone’s guess right now, but thanks to renders by Svetapple, we might have an idea.

Apple Reportedly Has An iPhone Prototype With Dual Displays
With companies like Samsung and Huawei making foldable phones, some have naturally wondered if Apple could be hopping on board the foldable phone bandwagon. Turns out maybe not, but that doesn’t mean that Apple doesn’t see the potential in a phone that can transform into a tablet.

iPhone 12 Could Face Potential Delays As Major Supplier Fails OLED Quality Tests
For the most part, Samsung supplies quite a lot of OLED panels to Apple for use in their iPhones. However, to reduce their reliance on Samsung, Apple is said to be working with other suppliers, such as BOE who has in the past delivered LCDs to the Cupertino company for a variety of Apple-related products.

Alleged iPhone 12 Molds Leaked, Shows Off ‘Pro’ Like Design
According to the rumors, this year’s iPhones are expected to undergo a somewhat significant redesign. They are expected to feature a design with flat edges along the sides of the phone, a throwback to devices like the iPhone 4/4S/5/5s, as well as the iPad Pro. Now thanks to recently leaked photos of the molds, it looks like it could be true.

Facebook Testing Face ID, Touch ID Locking For Messenger App
If you don’t like it when people use your phone and go through your messages, then here’s some potentially good news for you. Facebook appears to be testing out protecting its Messenger app with Face ID or Touch ID (depending on your device), meaning that you might be soon able to biometrically protect your messages from prying eyes.

UK Judge Hands Down Jail Sentence Via Skype On The iPhone
With the coronavirus pandemic still ongoing, it means that social distancing has to be practiced. This also means that certain activities that would involve many people being in the same room are no longer possible, at least for now. This includes judicial hearings and court appearances, but it does not mean that the law is put on hold.