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Sensor-Shift Image Stabilization Could Come To 2020 iPhones
As it stands, Apple’s iPhones offer up optical image stabilization. This means that within each lens, there is a stabilizer that helps keep it stable so that when you are taking photos or videos, it can compensate for movement to prevent blurry photos or shaky video footage. However, that could change with this year’s iPhone.

Customers Unable To Reclaim Apple Devices Under Repair Due To Store Shutdowns
Have you recently sent your Apple device to one of Apple’s physical stores for repair? If you thought you could get them back anytime soon, think again. This is because due to Apple shutting down its physical stores until further notice, it seems that all devices left there for repair will not be returned until they reopen.

Conan O’Brien Will Film His Shows Using An iPhone
As it is not advisable for people to gather in large crowds due to the coronavirus outbreak, the entertainment industry has been affected as it means that people are avoiding cinemas, and also live audience TV shows have had to take a break. However, late night talk show host Conan O’Brien plans to return to full programming and has come up with a way to do so.

Coronavirus Could See iPhone 12 Delayed Beyond This Fall
Due to how the coronavirus has impacted the world, business operations have been disrupted which means that for some companies, it could spell delays in product launches. Apple could be one of those companies affected where we had heard that the iPhone SE 2 (or iPhone 9) has been delayed, and now it looks like the iPhone 12 could also be similarly affected.


3D Camera Might Be Exclusive To The iPhone 12 Pro
According to a recent rumor, it has been suggested that one of the new features that will be part of the 2020 iPhones is a “world facing” 3D camera. This is essentially a time-of-flight sensor that will help the iPhone better gauge and measure the environment around it, which can help provide more accurate augmented reality usage.

iPhone 12’s A14 Chipset Could Be More Powerful Than The iPad Pro
With every release of a new A-series chipset, Apple naturally improves on the performance of it. However, what was impressive is that with the 2018 iPad Pro, benchmarks found that the A12X Bionic chipset was actually more powerful compared to Windows-based PCs, at least that’s what it seemed on paper.

Foxconn Claims Component Supplies Have Returned To Pre-Coronavirus Levels
Due to the outbreak of the coronavirus, many companies around the world, especially in China, have been forced to shut down and temporarily halt operations. Foxconn was one of the companies that was affected, but now according to a report from Reuters, it seems that things have returned to normal.

Future iPhone Displays Can Encrypt Content From Busybodies
No one likes having someone else, especially a stranger, look over their shoulder when they’re using their phones or computers. This is particularly true if you’re working on something that might contain private or sensitive information that shouldn’t be seen by non-authorized personnel.

iPhone 12 Might Come With A ‘World Facing’ 3D Camera
These days, it’s not uncommon to see smartphones come with time-of-flight cameras. Now it looks like according to a report from Fast Company, they have been tipped off by a source with knowledge that it looks like Apple will be introducing a new “world facing” 3D camera on at least one of its next-gen iPhones that will be launching this year.

Apple Explores Dual Screen iPhone As An Alternative To Foldable Displays
According to the rumors, Apple could be looking at developing a foldable phone of their own. Whether or not that happens remains to be seen, although given that the recent batch of foldable phones that was released seemed to encounter build and durability issues, Apple could be looking at alternatives.

Travel Ban Could Be The Reason Behind 5G iPhone Delay
According to the rumors, Apple is said to be planning on launching a 5G iPhone this year. While Apple hasn’t confirmed anything, it makes perfect sense as the Android competition has already launched several models starting back in 2019, so it does seem about time that Apple hops onto the bandwagon.

Apple’s March Event Has Reportedly Been Cancelled
A rumor from last month suggested that Apple could be planning on hosting an event at the end of March where the company is set to announce a new iPhone along with iPad and MacBook refreshes. However, it seems that the event may no longer be happening, according to a tweet by Jon Prosser.

iPhone Sales In China Have Dropped By More Than 50%
The coronavirus outbreak is wreaking havoc around the world where it has not only infected thousands, it has also killed quite a number of people who were infected as well. However, it also has huge implications for businesses, where many are suffering as a result of the virus, such as airline companies, travel agencies, hotels, and so on.

Apple Says It’s OK To Wipe Your iPhone With Disinfectants
If you thought that a toilet was dirty, you might have heard how some of our other gadgets and devices might be even dirtier, like our keyboards and smartphones. Given that the coronavirus outbreak doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon, the smart thing to do would be to try and keep our devices as clean as possible by wiping them down.