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iOS 14 Could Finally Allow Developers To Code On Their iPhones Or iPads
The iPad has been positioned as a productivity device where users can create on them. However, these creations are typically things like creating art like drawing, editing photos, videos, and writing documents, but it seems that developers could soon have a reason to pick up the iPad for themselves in the future.

An Apple-Made Gaming Controller Will Launch In 2020 Or 2021
In the past, if you wanted to pair a gaming controller with your iPhone or iPad, you would usually need to look for an accessory labelled as MFi, meaning that it has been certified by Apple as being compatible with their iOS devices. However, with the release of iOS 13, Apple has finally allowed controllers like those made for the PS4 to pair with iOS devices.

iPhone 12 Might Now Launch In November Instead
According to the rumors, the iPhone 12 could actually be delayed to 2021. However, there have also been some conflicting reports and opinions that suggest that the phone could still be on track for a 2020 launch. Now in a new report from Reuters, it looks as though they are confirming that the iPhone 12 will still launch in 2020, except that it might be delayed to November.

iPhone 12’s Smaller Notch ‘Confirmed’ In New Image
When the iPhone X was launched with Face ID and its TrueDepth camera system, many lambasted Apple for the notch in the screen used to house the cameras and sensors. If you were hoping for a less intrusive design, you could partially get your wish in the upcoming iPhone 12.


Wild Rumor Claims Apple Might Skip USB-C And Go For A Completely Portless iPhone
Ever since Apple introduced the iPad Pro with USB-C, many have been wondering when the company could bring USB-C to the iPhone. It makes a lot of sense for them to do that, especially since USB-C is now being used by more devices around the world, plus Apple’s MacBooks have ditched legacy ports in favor of USB-C.

Leaked CAD Shows Us What The iPhone 12 Could Look Like
According to the rumors, Apple’s iPhone for 2020 is said to be adopting a brand new design and a departure from the curved edges we’ve seen in the past. Instead, Apple is rumored to be revisiting an older and classic design, one that many iPhone users can probably agree was one of the best-designed iPhones: the iPhone 4.

Apple’s New iPhone SE Is Already Selling Out Of Its Initial Stock
In the recent years, we’ve seen Apple experience a fair amount of success with its iPhone XR and iPhone 11, both of which are the cheaper versions of Apple’s flagship iPhones. According to the sales figures, both devices have sold extremely well, and in some cases, actually outsold their more expensive siblings.

Apple’s iPhone 8 Has Been Discontinued
Before the new iPhone SE was announced, it was rumored that the handset could be largely based on the iPhone 8’s design. Sure enough, the rumors were true. However, it now also means that Apple has since discontinued the iPhone 8, meaning that if you wanted a cheap iPhone, the new iPhone SE is your best bet.

The New iPhone SE's Battery Is Disappointingly Small
Yesterday, Apple announced its brand new iPhone SE. The phone is the successor to the original iPhone SE with updated hardware and specs and a brand new design. It also only costs $399, which is much, much cheaper than what Apple is asking for for its other higher-end iPhone models.

New Report Reiterates Claims That The iPhone 12 Could Be Delayed
Apple’s iPhone 12 should be announced later this year around September, as the company has done in the past with its previous models. However, in the recent weeks, we have been hearing rumors that the launch may no longer be happening. Some reports are even claiming that it could only be in 2021 that the device is launched.

Apple’s New iPhone SE Is Here And It Only Costs $399
It has been rumored for a while now that Apple has a new iPhone SE model in the works. The handset was originally rumored to be announced at Apple’s end of March event, but with the event supposedly having been cancelled due to the coronavirus, many have been wondering about its status.

2020’s iPhones Might Adopt The iPad Pro’s Design
Over the past few generations, Apple’s iPhone hasn’t really seen that much of a change in design, save for larger screen options, color options, and the camera bump. However, this year is set to change that. According to a report from Bloomberg, they are claiming that this year’s iPhones could adopt the iPad Pro’s design.

iOS 13.4.1 Update Will Fix FaceTime Bug For iPhones And iPads
Communication tools have become more important than ever, where due to the coronavirus outbreak, people are being forced to self-isolate where they are now working and studying from home. This means that being able to chat with your friends and loved ones is crucial, especially in maintaining your mental health.

New iPhone 12 Images Show Off A Potentially Smaller Notch And Home Screen Widgets
The other day, a leaked image allegedly belonging to that of the iPhone 12 showed off what could potentially be a LiDAR scanner on the back of the phone. Given that the 2020 iPad Pro comes with a LiDAR scanner, it did not exactly come as a surprise. Now thanks to a new leak, it shows off a bit more about the upcoming iPhone 12.