Dual SIM iPhones Hinted At In Latest iOS 12 Beta

For those who travel, having a phone that supports dual SIM is a great idea because not only does this mean one less device to bring around, but it also means that they can still receive messages and calls on their other number while using their new SIM card. Unfortunately this is something that iPhone users have had to live without for the past decade or so.

New iPhone Phishing Scam Makes Calls To A Fake ‘Apple Care’

Phishing scams aren’t new and we doubt that they will ever go away. However given that we spend so much time on our mobile devices, it’s not surprising that we are starting to see more scams that are targeting our smartphones. In a report from ArsTechnica, it seems that the latest scam is targeting iPhone users.

Apple Could Be Considering Giving In To Indian Government’s Demands

Multinational corporations such as Apple are required to comply with the various laws of the countries that they operate in. This can get tricky as it means that sometimes the laws of a country can go against the company’s own policies and values, a sticky situation that Apple has found themselves in over in India.

6.1-inch iPhone Rumored To Use A ‘Full Active LCD’ Panel

Apple has been utilizing LCDs for its iPhones for years, at least until 2017 where the iPhone X became the first iPhone to use an OLED display. Apple is expected to fully transition to OLED (or micro LEDs even) in the future, but as far as 2018’s iPhones are concerned, Apple will still be pumping out LCD models.


Alleged 6.5-inch & 6.1-inch iPhone (2018) Dummy Units Surface

According to the rumors, Apple could be launching three iPhone models this year. One will retain the size and design of the current iPhone X, while the other two will feature a 6.1-inch LCD iPhone model, and a 6.5-inch OLED iPhone model. Now thanks to leakster Benjamin Geskin, dummy units of the 6.1-inch and 6.5-inch models have surfaced.

Microsoft Edge Gets Visual Search On iOS Devices

Safari on iOS devices is a pretty decent native browser, but we imagine that there are some users who might prefer third-party options such as Google’s Chrome or Microsoft’s Edge due to their ability to sync with their desktop counterparts (assuming you’re using Windows). The good news for iOS users is that it looks like Microsoft is giving its Edge browser a bit of an upgrade.

Apple Offers Free Repairs For Customers Affected By Japan Floods

Some of you guys might have heard how in southwestern Japan, that area of the country has been hit with devastating floods where more than 8 million people were advised to evacuate, and where it has been reported tha 225 people have died as a result of the flood and an additional 13 reported missing.

LG’s iPhone OLED Panels Might Only Be Used For Repairs

In a bid to reduce their reliance on Samsung, Apple is said to have invested into LG to help them get their OLED production up and running. In fact one of the rumors of the 2018 iPhone is that LG could be the OLED supplier for at least one of the rumored models. However it turns out that might not necessarily be the case.

6.1-inch LCD iPhone Might Only Be Released In October

When Apple launched the iPhone X last year and there were rumors that the handset could be released later than the other models, it sort of made sense. It was a brand new iPhone using an OLED screen, the first for any iPhone, and also came with new hardware features like an all-screen design and also the TrueDepth camera.

Qualcomm Believes Future iPhones Will No Longer Use Their Modems

Due to the ongoing legal dispute between Apple and Qualcomm, it’s not surprising that Apple would want to stop giving Qualcomm as much business as they can. We’ve seen Apple do this with Samsung in the past, where the Cupertino company sought out other suppliers (such as TSMC and LG) for their component needs.

Apple’s Internal iPhone Repair Videos Have Apparently Been Posted Online

It’s no secret that Apple doesn’t want its customers to fix their own devices. It’s impossible to repair its mobile devices and computers without special tools. The company has even released updates to disable features on iPhones that have been repaired with aftermarket parts. So it may not be thrilled to see that somehow 11 of its internal iPhone repair videos have been posted online.

New iPhone May Disable Fast Charging On Uncertified Chargers

It may not be possible to fast charge the next iPhone using an uncertified USB Type-C charger. A new report claims that Apple’s upcoming smartphone may have support for C-AUTH. It’s an authentication specification for USB Type-C which verifies if the connected cables and chargers are certified accessories.

iPhones Could Be Banned In India Over Anti-Spam App

The problem with trying to sell a product or service in multiple countries is having to dance around the various regulations and laws of each market or country that the product is available in. This seems to be something that Apple is dealing with now over in India where there is a chance the iPhone could be banned in the Indian market.

Apple’s 18W iPhone Charger Might Be Limited At Launch

One of the rumored new features of 2018’s iPhone is that apparently there is a chance that Apple could bundle an 18W USB-C fast charger with the handset. At the moment Apple’s iPhones do support fast charging, but customers will need to buy a separate charger which isn’t bundled with the iPhones.