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Google & iRobot Team Up To Help Improve Smart Homes
In the recent years, Google has managed to find their way into our homes through devices like Google Home, where it works together with various smart home devices for voice activated features and also automation. Now it seems that Google will be teaming up with iRobot, the makers of the Roomba robot vacuum cleaner, to improve on our smart homes.

iRobot’s Roomba i7+ Will Be Able To Empty Its Own Trash
iRobot’s Roomba series of robotic vacuum cleaners are great for cleaning your home, particularly if you’re too lazy to do some yourself, or if you’re away you can even schedule it. However the downside is that you will still need to empty the Roomba yourself once everything has been completed.

iRobot’s Roomba 980 Can Now Map Your Living Room Floor
If you’ve ever used those robotic vacuum cleaners in the past, you know that some of them work by you creating a “zone” in which they will can work within. From there, the built-in sensors can detect obstacles and will know how to get around them instead of endlessly bumping into them. It works, but now iRobot’s Roomba 980 will take things further.The company has recently introduced the Roomba 980 […]

iRobot Scooba 450 Cleans Your Floor In A New Manner
[CES 2014] To do the same thing and expect a different result, that would be madness, which is why the folks over at iRobot, purveyors of robotic technology-based solutions, intends to change the way that robotic vacuum cleaners keep your home nice and clean by delivering the iRobot Scooba 450 that is touted to clean your floors in a new way. The iRobot Scooba 450 will be available in North […]


Braava 320 And Braava 380t Floor Mopping Robots Launched
iRobot announced today that it has achieved a significant milestone of selling more than 10 million units around the globe. The company already offers a broad portfolio of robots that do cleaning jobs and much more. Today, the company announced two models of the Braava Floor Mopping Robot, Braava 320 and Braava 380t. These robots have been designed to systematically and efficiently dry or damp mop hard floors, keeping them […]

iRobot Ava 500 Telepresence Robot With Cisco Video Endpoint
iRobot Ava 500 | iRobot has just launched the new Ava 500 telepresence robot which can project one's presence to a remote site.

FDA Approves Robot Doctor
The FCC approves consumer electronics devices for the masses, but what about the FDA? Well, they make sure that all things medical are fit for public service, and the latest candidate to gain approval from this regulatory board is the first robot doctor developed by iRobot. Wait a minute here, doesn’t iRobot churn out Roombas? Yup, that is correct, and the robot doctor in question here is the RP-VITA that […]

Goomba and other Nintendo icons rock your iRobot vacuum cleaner
Are you looking for a fun way to spruce up the housekeeping chores in your home, especially so when you own the iRobot vacuum cleaner? At the Super iam8bit art exhibition, it seems that the iRobot vacuum cleaner has received an 8-bit makeover that boasted hundreds of works inspired by retro video games. Artist Kelice Penney decided to come up with such colorful covers that were inspired by different characters […]

Roomba 650 and Looj 300 cleaning robots launched by iRobot
iRobot has just launched two new cleaning robots. You may already be familiar with the Roomba family of vacuum robots which is getting a new addition with the Roomba 650, Roomba 630 and Roomba 620.  With this new series 600, iRobot has improved the waste bin efficiency so that users don’t have to empty it as often. At the same time, the company has added an acoustic sensor to detect […]

Cocorobo; Sharp’s Talking Vacuum Cleaner Has Different Moods
Sharp has made a vacuum cleaner that roams about a room going about its business and once it is done it settles into its little charging dock to regain its energy. The Cocorobo which looks very much like the Roomba by iRobot, is actually a tri-lingual vacuum cleaner that can even act as a mobile camera which upon-demand, can take 4 photos of its surroundings which divulge all the details […]

iRobot Scooba 390 keeps your floors clean
If you’re looking for a robot to keep the floor of your house clean, iRobot’s latest creation – the Scooba 390 should be right up your alley. While it may feature a design similar to the Scooba 230, it is supposed to replace the Scooba 380 which hasn’t been met with too many favorable reviews. The Scooba 390 addresses the 380’s shortcomings with improved user friendliness, up to 30% longer […]

iRobot 110 FirstLook to enter military service
When it comes to war, man and machine will work in tandem in order to achieve victory across all fronts, no matter the cost. Of course, this is the rallying cry of this day and age, but in earlier years before technology became so pervasive, it was just man and animal, with the calvary charging downhill towards the enemy camp. Well, we first took a gander at the iRobot 110 […]

iRobot Warrior to go on sale this year
If for some reason you need a remote-controlled robot to do your bidding – be it exploring radioactive areas or setting up instant barricades, iRobot’s Warrior 710 should fit the bill. Going on sale later this year, this robot is an evolution of the Warrior X700 that’s been used in the US military and was also used in Japan last year to help with radiation detection and clean up efforts.The […]

iRobot 110 FirstLook: a small robot spy on wheels
iRobot, creators of many functional and useful robots have just unveiled pre-production prototypes of their upcoming robot – the iRobot 110 FirstLook. Designed to jump right into action, the iRobot 110 FirstLook is built to serve the military and law enforcement. Weighing less than 5lbs and measuring only 10″ long, this small spy robot is also waterproof (up to 3′), shockproof (15′ drops onto concrete), climbs steps, curbs, obstacles and […]

iRobots to go where no humans can go in Japan
iRobot, the robot manufacturer from Bedford, Massachusetts; is sending out a team of four robots into Japan today to help deal with the nuclear crisis that’s currently affecting the country due to the earthquake and tsunami events that took place last week. The team that consists of PackBots and Warrior robots have been designed to work in such situations and will be controlled by the Japan Ground Self Defense Forces […]

DIY your own telepresence robot for $500
We’d all love to have our own personal robot avatar to buy scones for us, but our bank account doesn’t seem in favor of that. If you’re in the same boat but have some fancy DIY skills, you could solve the issue yourself, which is what someone out there decided to do. Johnny Chung Lee, who is well known for some Wiimote and Kinect hacking, has come up with a […]

iRobot Corporation patents intelligent navigation system for Roombas
The Roomba was deemed to be a whole lot more intelligent compared to a “dumb” vacuum cleaner that required human hands to lead the machine along the floor of your home, sucking up evil dust bunnies in the process. Well, when the Roomba was introduced, it set the whole world talking simply because the Roomba could be left alone to clean up whatever dust and dirt that’s around your home. […]

iRobot takes aim at Apple iPad
The Apple iPad has certainly been a success in its own right, and has fast fallen under the net of clone manufacturers for good reason – after all, why not ride on the popularity of a device that has sold over a million in less than half a year since its release? The M003 Apad you see here is also known as the iRobot, albeit it runs off the Android […]

Here comes Neato XV-11, the Roomba killer
There’s a new vacuum robot in Silicon Valley: Neato has officially launched and it aims at grabbing the top spot from Roomba, the current champion in the robotic vacuum category. To take on Roomba, Neato is said to solve old problems that iRobot (the company behind Roomba) never really improved (because of the lack of competition?). Smarter: Roomba is pretty dumb. It does not know where it is, and it […]

iRobot Patents a Corner-Friendly Roomba
We’ve been using a Roomba and a Scooba in the office for some time and it’s true that they are having a hard-time with corners. Fortunately, there are few corners and they are quite small in surface. However, iRobot‘s engineers just want to get it right so they worked on it and patented a new robot that would be able to clean corners as well. In our view, such a […]