If you’ve ever used those robotic vacuum cleaners in the past, you know that some of them work by you creating a “zone” in which they will can work within. From there, the built-in sensors can detect obstacles and will know how to get around them instead of endlessly bumping into them. It works, but now iRobot’s Roomba 980 will take things further.

The company has recently introduced the Roomba 980 which they claim is smarter than ever. Apparently it is smart enough where it can actually map out your living room’s floor and clean it on its own. This makes its movements less clunky and more adaptable. Best of all, iRobot has made it so that the Roomba 980 is connected to the cloud.

What does this mean? This means that it will allow you to control the Roomba 980 via the company’s new HOME app. It also means that you can pretty much start and stop the Roomba 980’s cleaning even if you’re not at home, ensuring that when you come home from your holiday, your house will be relatively clean. It would also make a great prank for your house-sitter.

Unfortunately technological convenience does not come cheap. The Roomba 980 is expected to be made available on the 17th of September in the US and Canada where it will retail for $899.

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