When it comes to war, man and machine will work in tandem in order to achieve victory across all fronts, no matter the cost. Of course, this is the rallying cry of this day and age, but in earlier years before technology became so pervasive, it was just man and animal, with the calvary charging downhill towards the enemy camp. Well, we first took a gander at the iRobot 110 FirstLook last year, and it seems that this robot has been drafted for military use. This robot is unique, as it is hardy enough to survive throws (which it was meant to go through anyway) to a place deemed to be too dangerous for a foot soldier to check it out himself. Upon landing, this robot will self-right itself if it lands belly up, and will send video back to headquarters thanks to its quartet of integrated cameras, in addition to sending radio communication. Seems like the perfect spy bot that will definitely catch unsuspecting enemy soldiers by surprise before they realize what it is.

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