If for some reason you need a remote-controlled robot to do your bidding – be it exploring radioactive areas or setting up instant barricades, iRobot’s Warrior 710 should fit the bill. Going on sale later this year, this robot is an evolution of the Warrior X700 that’s been used in the US military and was also used in Japan last year to help with radiation detection and clean up efforts.

The Warrior robot can be controlled from over 2,600 feet away with a laptop running Aware 2 software and an Xbox controller. It is basically a heavy duty arm on a set of tracks, with an onboard camera – what you want to do with it is up to your imagination. No word on how much it’ll cost to buy one but it’s expected to run in the millions. Check out a video demonstration of the iRobot Warrior 710. It goes on sale this spring.

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