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Is This The Real Apple Tablet?
Now how about that, an eleventh hour leak on the Apple tablet perhaps? As far as faked tablets go, this one seems to be rather believable. It does seem to look like a giant iPhone, and the ugly things on the side of it are probably the bolts that are holding the tablet down on the tablet, preventing anybody from stealing it. There’s no indication of a carrier at the […]

Leaked Picture Of The Apple Tablet?
There have been so many fake or concept Apple tablets going around the Internet, it’s hard to believe that any tablet presented before us is real sometimes. Here is another photo of what is supposed to be the upcoming Apple tablet, though it’s impossible to confirm that it’s the real deal unless Steve Jobs shows it to the world. The smart money would probably be on it being another fake, […]

Apple In Talks With UK Operators Over Tablet
With the announcement of the Apple tablet most likely a week away, more details of the device are slowly surfacing. Now it seems that Apple is in talks with mobile phone operators in the UK. Apparently the tablet will not be an exclusive item, unlike the iPhone when it was originally launched. Since Apple is partnering with operators, it seems that the device will sport 3G connectivity, and will come […]

Apple In Last Minute Meeting With Publishers?
Word on the street is that Apple is busy in last minute negotiations with US book regarding its upcoming tablet. It seems that publishers are trying to retain greater control over the pricing and supply of digital material, and they’re seeking an “agency model” to achieve that. With that, the publishers would be able to control access to the digital file, and also the price that it’s sold at. Apparently […]


Record Labels Not Crucial To Apple Tablet?
Bits and pieces of news related to Apple’s Jan 27th event are slowing seeping out, so it looks like the rumors are going to hit fever pitch over the next week. Word is that the record labels have already been briefed about the device, but unfortunately, it was more or a courtesy call rather than the workings of a big business deal. From the rumors, it seems that the tablet […]

100K To Play With The Apple Tablet For 1 Hour
Want to make a quick $100,000? Well, all you have to do is get your mittens on a unit of Apple’s upcoming tablet, and let the folks over at Valleywag play with it for 1 hour. Sounds simple enough, doesn’t it? There are other deals offered too, such a $10k for real pictures, $20k for a video of it in action, $50k for pictures of Steve Jobs holding one. With […]

Fingerworks Website Taken Offline
Fingerworks was acquired by Apple nearly 5 years back, but the website was still online and functional, all the way up until recently. The domain is now parked at, and the takedown of the site has prompted speculation that the upcoming Apple tablet will have some of the more advanced multi-touch keyboard gestures that Fingerworks pioneered. Before the site was taken down, it still retained photographs and details of […]

Deputy CEO Of France Telecom Confirms Apple Tablet
With Apple’s media event just around the corner, it seems that it’s going to be mighty hard to keep the Apple tablet (iSlate?) under wraps for much longer. Notable folk are coming out to confirm the device, and next up is Stephane Richard, deputy CEO at France Telecom. Apparently the device will be available with a webcam, and Orange customers will be able to enjoy the device, suggesting that the […]

Bloomberg Thinks Apple Tablet To Be Unveiled This Month
It seems like rumors regarding Apple’s upcoming tablet just won’t stop, and now even Bloomberg is reporting that the device will be unveiled sometime this month, and the device itself should be going on sale in March 2010, which is just around the corner. With the rumored January 27th announcement date just around the corner, the rumor mill is churning non-stop, so be sure to check back often and we’ll […]

Apple iSlate To Sport Built-in Projector?
Despite it being CES 2010, rumors related to Apple’s upcoming tablet are still going strong. With the name “iSlate” still unconfirmed, folks are still digging frantically for details on the device. Now some rumors specs have popped up again, and if they’re accurate (yeah, right), the iSlate is certainly going to be one cool device, especially with its built-in projector (yeah). Do note that the list pictured here looks very […]

iPhone 4G To Get 802.11n Wi-Fi?
Could Apple’s search for a Wi-Fi software engineer be a hint that the iPhone 4G might sport 802.11n wireless? The job posting indicates that the company is looking for a worker who can implement the 802.11a and 802.11n standards, along with the existing 802.11b/g technology. With that in mind, do you think that the iPhone 4G and upcoming Apple tablet will be sporting 802.11n Wi-Fi, or will we have to […]

Former President Of Google China Says Apple Tablet Will Be 10-inch Device
7-inch or 10.1-inch device? Those are the sizes that people have been bringing up from time to time. Now and then we hear a “confirmation” that it will be one or the other, and some parties that that there will be 2 sizes, so which is correct? There obviously isn’t any confirmation just yet, but it seems that the former President of Google China, Kaifu Lee, has added to the […]

iGuide Another Possible Name For The Apple Tablet?
We’ve been hearing plenty of rumors regarding Apple naming its upcoming tablet the “iSlate”, which certainly seems to sound plausible. Now it seems that another name has surfaced the iGuide. The trademark was registered under iGuide Media, LLC, which purpose seems to be obtaining the trademark on behalf of Apple. The application was filed with Apple’s Senior Trademark Specialist, Regina Porter’s signature on the documents linking iGuide Media to Apple. […]