jabra sport pulseWhen it comes to prescriptions issued by doctors, we’re mainly looking at medication. However it seems that it would now be possible for doctors to prescribe headphones to patients, or to be more specific, Jabra’s recently launched Sport Pulse wireless headphones can now be prescribed by doctors.

How is this possible, and why? According to Jabra, this is thanks to the fact that their headphones are part of the TrainerMD’s HIPPA-compliant 360 Health Program, which allows doctors to prescribe them to patients who might be looking for a way to track their fitness and nutrition. The company is also boasting that these headphones are the first time a wearable device is made part of a prescription wellness program that helps combat obesity, diabetes, and cancer.

For those wondering what makes these headphones so special, it is because it is capable of monitoring the wearer’s vitals such as VO2 Max levels and heart rate, thanks to an in-ear heart rate tracking system. This is versus other wearables which are typically worn on the wrist, so if you already use a pair of headphones while you work out, the Jabra Sport Pulse headphones means there’ll be one less device you’ll have to worry about.

The data will be streamed to the TrainerMD dashboard in which doctors, trainers, and nurses can receive real-time notifications on your vitals. Based on this, medical professionals will be able to adjust your training and intensity levels and make recommendations as you progress.

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