Japanese App Helps Pregnant Women Find Seats On The Train

In many countries, you can find signs on buses and trains that lets commuters know that should they encounter someone elderly, or a parent with a young child, or someone who’s handicapped, or a pregnant woman, that they should offer them a seat. Over in Japan, however, it seems that they have decided to go about this in a more hi-tech manner using an app.

Final Fantasy Ride Coming To Universal Studios Japan In 2018

If you’re a fan of Square Enix’s Final Fantasy franchise, there’s a chance that you’ve played the games and watched the movies, but in case that wasn’t enough, perhaps you might want to book a trip to Japan in 2018 because it has been announced that Universal Studios Japan will be getting a Final Fantasy ride.

This Girl’s Boyfriend Challenged Her Father To A Game Of Guilty Gear

Trying to make a good impression with your partner’s parents can be tricky, and it is doubly important if your partner is someone you plan on being with for the long haul or marrying. However it seems that over in Japan, a rather interesting situation has happened, according to a series of tweets by @buppa_stone (via Siliconera).

Researchers In Japan Develop Glass That Can Heal Itself

Smartphones with broken/cracked displays is probably one of the more common accidents that happen, although smartphone makers have been trying to make up for it by using glass that is sturdier and less prone to cracking. However despite their best attempts, cracks still happen, but that could change in the future thanks to researchers in Japan.


Drones Used In Japan To Curb Overtime, Encourages Workers To Go Home

While sometimes working overtime is necessary to get the job done and to meet deadlines, over in Japan, working overtime is sort of part of the working culture. Unsurprisingly this has some negative consequences to it, but it is also something that the Japanese government is trying to cut back on.

Nissan To Start Testing Self-Driving Taxis In Japan Next Year

If the future is to be filled with self-driving cars, it behooves carmakers to try and get as much testing done as soon as possible to gather data, information, and other details that will help perfect the system for when it is launched. It’s hard to beat real-life testing which is why over in Japan, Nissan will be launching self-driving taxis in 2018.

Trailer For Upcoming ‘Batman Ninja’ Anime Released

Over the years, we’ve seen Batman take on all kinds of looks, ranging from his classic costumes, to robotic outfits, so it doesn’t really surprise us to see a Japanese-inspired Batman arrive on the screen. In fact if you love Batman and also love Japanese anime, the trailer above for the upcoming Batman Ninja should make you pretty happy.

Japan Is Apparently Planning Its Third Disneyland Theme Park

If you’ve made it one of your life’s goals to visit every single Disneyland in the world, you might want to add Japan to your list. But wait, doesn’t Japan already have its own Disneyland and DisneySea? Yes, you would be right, but a report from Mainichi (via Kotaku) has revealed that there are plans for a third Disneyland in the country.

Sony’s Aibo Is Back And Available For Pre-Order In Japan

When it comes to consumer robots, it’s hard not to think of Sony’s Aibo which was launched more than a decade ago. However recently we have been hearing reports that Sony could be relaunching the robot, and sure enough it looks like the reports were true as Sony has since relaunched the Aibo robotic dog.

Casio Mofrel 2.5D Printer Emulates Leather Texture and Color

Casio, typically known for its watches or cameras has come up with a new printer and printing technology named Mofrel which outputs 2.5 dimensions (2.5D) color prints that can mimic all kinds of surfaces from leather, to tatami mats to bricks. Now, the technology is already helping industrial designers prototype concepts faster, but in the future, it could very well be used to directly manufacture specific products.

Japanese Banks Looking To Launch Their Own Digital Currency

In Japan, there are various ways that you can pay for stuff. There is of course the good old fashion way of paying for purchases using cash, then there are credit cards (which tend to be more limited to the bigger retailers), or there are also methods like the Suica card which can be used to purchase small items like snacks, drinks, newspapers, and more.

This Cute Little Robotic Puppy Can Tell If You Have Stinky Feet

In Asian culture, taking off your shoes when you enter someone’s home appears to be a rather common practice. In some cultures like Japan, it goes even further as there are instances where you will have to take off your shoes when entering into a restaurant. This means that if you don’t practice good hygiene, there’s a good chance your feet will stink.

Japanese Engineers Create A Headset-Free VR Experience

The thing about virtual reality (VR) right now is that it requires a headset in order to experience it. This means that in terms of freedom of movement, it can be a bit limiting since headsets like the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift require it to be tethered to a computer, which can feel a bit unnatural since VR is meant to simulate reality (albeit a different kind).

Japan’s Bic Camera Will Start Accepting Bitcoin As Payment

If you’re someone who mines for bitcoin or trades in bitcoin, you might be interested to learn that there will be more places for you to spend your cryptocurrency at. In a report from the Nikkei Asian review (via Peta Pixel), it seems that Japanese retailer Bic Camera will start to accept bitcoin as a form of payment in its stores across the country.