Square Enix Is Offering Final Fantasy XIV Themed Weddings In Japan

Being able to bond with your partner over a shared interest is great, such as video games where in the past we have seen many gamers get together and get married over a video game. We’ve also seen some video game themed weddings, and now it seems that over in Japan, Square Enix is actually offering up official Final Fantasy XIV themed weddings.

Japan Developing Space Radar System To Keep An Eye On ‘Killer Satellites’

Japan is working on a new space radar system that it wants to have up and running in the Yamaguchi Prefecture by fiscal 2023. The radar system won’t just be used to monitor debris in the space. Its job will also include keeping an eye on “killer” satellites launched by foreign governments. News about this radar system’s development comes at a time when countries like Russia and China are believed […]

Japanese Robot Lovot Just Wants Your Hugs

A new robot has been developed in Japan that will roam around your house and do little more than ask you for hugs. Lovot has a plush body that’s warm to touch and big, attentive eyes. The robot itself looks like a combination of a penguin and an owl but it certainly doesn’t look as odd as that may sound.

SoftBank May Replace Network Equipment From Huawei

Huawei’s network equipment business appears to be in a bit of pickle these days. Amid growing concerns that the equipment may allow the Chinese government to carry out spying operations, mobile carriers in a couple of countries have decided against sourcing them from Huawei. A new report claims that Japan’s SoftBank is now considering replacing the Huawei equipment on its network.


Sony & Rhapsody Launching Audiophile Streaming Service In Japan

In the music streaming market at the moment, Apple Music and Spotify more or less reign supreme. However it seems that Sony wants in on the action and thinks that they might be able to set themselves apart by teaming up with Rhapsody and launching a streaming service in Japan aimed at audiophiles.

Shonen Jump Offers A Manga Subscription Service For $2 A Month

If you love your manga, the downside is that unless you know how to read and understand Japanese, you’ll have to wait for the English subbed version where the official version is usually available about a week after. Either that or you could rely on fansubs which can sometimes not necessarily be the most accurate.

Japan Expected To Stop Buying Huawei & ZTE Equipment

Huawei and ZTE, at least before they started to become known for their smartphones, would supply many a communications device to companies around the world. For example there mobile hotspot dongles sold by carriers around the world would be made by Huawei, so safe to say that in addition to smartphones, such as behind-the-scenes communications tools are a core of their businesses.

Fried Chicken Making Robot Debuts In Convenience Store In Japan

One of the things Japan is known for is its food, so much so that even their convenience stores are also held in high regard by many where you could quite literally have a multi-course meal of good quality in the store itself, thanks to its wide selection of foods. Lawson’s, one of the chains of convenience stores in the country, is also particularly known for their fried chicken.

Last Pager Service In Japan Is Finally Shutting Down

Some of you might be young enough to not know that there once existed communication devices known as pagers. The age of mobile phones, let alone smartphones, marked the end of pagers across the globe. Japan has been a bit slow to give them up compared to the rest of the world. The last remaining pager service in Japan is now shutting down.

First 8K Satellite TV Broadcasts Have Begun In Japan

Many of us have grown up around televisions from the good old days where they were fuzzy and grainy, so obviously looking at today’s landscape where we are seeing super sharp displays with deep and rich colors is literally like night and day. But at what point does it stop being so readily apparent to the human eye?

Confirmed: The iPhone XR Will Be Cheaper In Japan

Earlier it was reported that Apple could be looking to discount the iPhone XR in Japan. Exactly by how much was anyone’s guess, but now it has been confirmed that the previous reports were true and that over in Japan, buying the iPhone XR on contract from carrier NTT Docomo will help customers save $100 over the course of the contract’s period.

Apple Could Discount The iPhone XR In Japan

If the reports are true, apparently Apple’s iPhone sales aren’t doing as well as the company had hoped. Even the iPhone XR which was hailed by many analysts to be a potential hit hasn’t exactly been selling like hotcakes either (assuming the reports are accurate to begin with), so much so that Apple could be forced to do something they rarely do: slash prices.

Eyes-On Canon’s DIGISUPER 122X Optical Zoom

We had heard of Canon’s UHD-DIGISUPER 122 which was announced recently, but we got an opportunity to see one in action at Inter Bee 2018 in Tokyo, and it was indeed very impressive.

RayBrid KeyMaker Aims To Reduce Chroma-Key Costs For TV Studios

One of Canon’s partners at Inter Bee 2018 was presenting RayBrid KeyMaker, a 100% software solution designed to replace the old and expensive “blue screen” technology widely in studios today.