Microsoft has just announced the brand new Universal Mobile Keyboard which will not rely on any kind of 2.4GHz wireless network to connect to a computing device, but rather, it will fall back on Bluetooth in order to hook up to three different devices. Apart from that, this $70 Universal Mobile Keyboard will play nice with just about any operating system out there instead of being limited in its narrow scope to just Windows.

Apart from that, you are able to pair it up with one gadget per operating system at any one time. Do take note that the keyboard segment happens to be detachable, which means you are able to prop up the tablet in the built-in stand, and place the keyboard in a more comfortable position to hammer those keys out and type whatever report that is long overdue – whether on your lap, or on a different desk altogether.

Basically, the Universal Mobile Keyboard will play nice with just about any other tablet in the market as long as the tablet itself is not too thick. Do you think that such a mobile accessory will catch on with the masses, or will it remain within a very niche market? I would vouch for the latter actually. [Press Release]

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