Microsoft Xbox 360 update brings voice controlled television features to the Kinect

Ever since a quote from Walter Isaacson’s biography of Steve Jobs hinted at a possible “iTV” from Apple, there have been a flurry of rumors and speculation as to what we could expect from such a device. One common theme in all these rumors has suggested that we could see Siri integration into Apple’s iTV, thus allowing users to control their television via their voice. If those rumors are to […]

Kinect 2 so powerful it can lip read?

We all know that Microsoft will be releasing a new Kinect for Windows computers next year, and now it looks like the company has got another Kinect in the works as well. According to Eurogamer’s sources, the Kinect 2 is rumored to be bundled with future Xbox consoles, and will be a major improvement over the current Kinect. The Kinect 2 is said to offer improved motion sensing and voice […]

New Kinect for Windows computers in 2012

It looks like Microsoft is serious when it comes to Kinect for Windows computers. The company announced today that it is preparing new Kinect hardware that is specially designed to connect with computers running Windows. While there’s nothing wrong with the current Kinect working with a PC, the new Kinect will feature optimized hardware components and firmware adjustments to make it work better with computers. Coupled up with upgrades to […]

Microsoft Code Space: Kinect + Touch Displays to Share Better

Microsoft Research has come up with a very cool concept for sharing information across several mediums when working in small groups by using Kinect, touch displays, mobile devices and computers). As its name indicates, Code Space has been originally designed to help coders/developers, but it could certainly work for other people too. With Code Space, developers can easily visualize and interact with a primary touch main display during a meeting. […]


Kinect helps the blind to get around

Microsoft surely did not figure out that their Kinect project would actually have resulted in so many hacks and mods, not to say that the collection of those mods are a bad thing. Take Kinecthesia for example – this particular project features a Kinect that is wired to a set of motors, enabling the blind or visually impaired to navigate around a room (or even in an open space), using […]

Offices to make use of Kinect technology?

You know, going to the office is not all that bad, especially if your employer happens to be one of the more fun ones – like many startups in Silicon Valley. For those who work in more formal office settings, holding a marathon of meetings is not necessarily a bad thing – especially when you have a fun way to access and share information with the rest of your colleagues. […]

Kinect gets BeatWheel hack

Hmmm, once you’re done watching the BeatWheel Hack video after the jump, surely something to do with an old school game show would come into mind – as for me, I could not get the idea of a revamped, 21st century version of “Wheel of Fortune” being released for the Xbox 360 and Kinect, so that I can virtually spin my wheel and watch Vanna White’s digital persona strut around […]

Xbox Kinect Accelerator in the works?

The Xbox Kinect has been getting quite a lot of buzz lately, with its recent first birthday, the whole “Kinect Effect” and upcoming launch of the Kinect for Windows commercial program. Now it looks like Microsoft might have a new Kinect-related product in the works called the Kinect Accelerator. The folks over at Fusible reported that on November 9th, Microsoft registered two domain names: and Since Microsoft hasn’t […]

Evoluce SDK for Kinect released

Heard of Evoluce before? Neither have I until I received the press release in my inbox, and after taking some time to digest what they have sent, it can be safely concluded that the Evoluce SDK for Kinect is now available so that developers are able to roll out non-commercial applications that will feature a natural user interface. Basically, this SDK will not only be meant for Kinect but the […]

Kinect for Windows gets a new website and updated SDK

It looks like Microsoft is having a real busy week with Kinect – earlier this week it launched the “Kinect Effect” website and announced its upcoming commercial program. Today, on the day of the Kinect’s first birthday, it launched a brand new Kinect for Windows website. The revamped website features more information about the Kinect for Windows commercial program that’s coming early next year (something you business folk might want […]

Your Shape Fitness Evolved 2012 New Trailer

A new video of Your Shape Fitness Evolved 2012 has been posted on Youtube by Microsoft as the game is set to launch next week on November 8. This official video from Ubisoft is much better than the previous one that came out in June, it shows different situations,  and you see more of the game – without the annoying background voice that the summer trailer. Overall, it looks like […]

Kinectimals back on the Windows Marketplace

Back in August we wrote about Kinectimals, Microsoft’s upcoming game that would bridge the Xbox 360 and Windows Phone devices. Well, the game happened to be prematurely released last week for some reason as it was quickly pulled off the Windows Marketplace. But now it’s been reported that the game is back on the Marketplace – this time for good. In Kinectimals, users get to choose one of five kitties […]

Microsoft Kinect Holiday Bundle announced

If you haven’t purchased the Kinect, the fastest-selling electronics device of all time, for your Xbox 360 yet, Microsoft is giving you another reason to this holiday season. The company has just announced the Holiday Bundle for the Kinect which will let you purchase the Kinect together with three full games – for a price that’s cheaper than buying the Kinect on its own! Talk about great savings. The Kinect […]

Kinect for Windows commercial program to launch next year

When the Kinect was first released, it was an Xbox-only device, but developers quickly developed unofficial drivers to get it working on the computer, and soon came the onslaught of DIY Kinect-based projects (called “The Kinect Effect” by Microsoft). And in a few days we will be celebrating the first birthday of one of the fastest-selling consumer electronics devices in the world. To commemorate the one year anniversary of the […]