Kinect based online banking from Etronika a reality now

We touched on how the face of online banking might get more fun than usual thanks to Etronika, with the introduction of Kinect-based online banking, and while that was still a concept in October last year, times have certainly changed. There is a fully working version in the pipeline, while the app itself was already introduced last week during financial and banking technology innovations conference Finovate Europe 2012. What is […]

Kinect Star Wars bundle arriving on April 3rd

Last year it was announced that the Kinect Star Wars bundle was going to arrive in April 2012, and it looks like Microsoft will be keeping its promise. According to a recent announcement on the Major Nelson website, we now have a definite release date for the game and console bundle. The Kinect Star Wars bundle has been confirmed to be arriving on April 3rd 2012. The bundle which consists […]

Kinect used to treat phantom limb syndrome

Phantom limb, in case you didn’t know, is a syndrome that sometimes occurs after a limb is amputated but the mind of the patient still thinks that the limb is attached. This can lead to very painful and frustrating experiences and requires therapy to get over. Normally it is done with a Ramachandran Mirror Box: patients place their hand in one side of the box and the arm stump on […]

viSparsh Kinect belt helps the blind navigate

We’re no strangers to technology used to help the less fortunate, but it’s always interesting when it’s done with a device originally intended for gaming – in this case, the Kinect. Well some folks over in New Delhi, India have come up with something called the viSparsh belt – “a computer vision assisted haptic feedback system that detects objects near the wearer and notifies them through an array of vibration […]


Kinect for Windows available today

We previously reported that Kinect for Windows would be made available on February 1st, and it looks like Microsoft has kept to its promise. The company announced on its Next at Microsoft blog today the availability of the Windows version of the motion controller. In addition to the release of the new Kinect, Microsoft also released version 1.0 of the Kinect SDK, which features a host of new improvements that […]

Mirracle Magic Mirror lets you see inside your body

In case you didn’t already know, the Kinect can be used as more than just a gaming device – the possibilities of what it can be used for is near limitless. Well, the folks over at the Technical University of Munich have decided to use it for educational purposes in a project called “mirracle”. Using the Kinect as some sort of “magic mirror”, they created an augmented reality app that […]

Android Kinect Projector Interface turns your wall into a touchscreen

It’s always great to see stuff of the movies being recreated in real life, and a developer recently managed to recreate a system similar to the touchscreen computer used in Minority Report, albeit a lot less flashier. He accomplished this using a Samsung Galaxy Nexus Android smartphone, a Microsoft Kinect, a computer and a projector. A specially compiled Android ROM allowed his phone to talk to his computer which was […]

Kinect for Windows computers arriving on February 1st

[CES 2012] Remember in November last year, Microsoft announced that it would be developing a new version of the Kinect that’s been designed for computers running Windows? Well, we finally have a release date for when the gadget will arrive. Today at Microsoft’s final CES Keynote, the company announced that the Kinect for Windows will be available starting on February 1st, and will have a suggested retail price of $249. […]

Star Wars R2-D2 Xbox bundle to arrive April 2012?

Star Wars fans were undoubtedly disappointed at how the Star Wars Xbox bundle was delayed to 2012. Back when we had originally reported the delay, there was no information on a possible release time frame, but thanks to new information sources, a possible release date of the Star Wars Xbox bundle could be set for April of 2012.

Apps on next Xbox required to have Kinect support (updated)

The Kinect entered the Guinness World Records this year for being the best-selling consumer electronics device, and while that may be true you might notice there isn’t a lot of support for the motion controller, especially when it comes to apps and triple A titles. In fact there are only a handful of notable apps that currently make full use of the Kinect; personally, more Kinect-modified-PC apps than Kinect-enabled apps […]

Apple patent reveals Kinect-like input for controlling computers

It seems like gesture-based control is the in thing now thanks to a recent patent filed by Apple. The recently published patent revealed that Apple had plans to implement a system that would allow users to interact with their Mac computers via gestures, a system that we guess could be comparable to Microsoft’s Xbox Kinect system.

Kinect Hotel Room for video gaming enthusiasts

If you cannot help but think about how many more dragons you want to kill in Skyrim even when you are at work or on holiday, then you might want to consider making a trip to Paris for your next time off. With so many wonderful hotels to choose from, just which one should you rest and recuperate? Might we suggest the Hotel Novotel Vaugirard Montparnasse, in a special room […]

Skyrim played with Kinect on the PC

It’s been awhile since we’ve reported about a new way to use the Kinect, and now we’ve got a reason to. A Skyrim player managed to get the game working with the Kinect on the PC. Utilizing the controller’s voice recognition and motion capabilities, he’s managed to come up with a brand new way of playing the highly acclaimed RPG. Judging by the video demonstration of this setup, it definitely […]

Shopper Tracker Kinect hack

Here is an interesting method to spruce up retail store shelves – with the use of the Shopper Tracker Kinect hack that was developed by Argentinian developer Agile Route. Shopper Tracker is said to be smart enough to be able to analyze customer movements in order to deliver traffic flow analysis as well as heat maps, letting you see for yourself literally just which particular shelves are the ones that […]