Klipsch’s New Soundbars Will Feature Google Assistant Integration
#CES2019 – Soundbars are great alternatives to bookshelf speakers or hi-fi systems. This is because they tend to be small-ish, and can fit on your TV cabinet or be mounted onto a wall. If you are in the market for new soundbars, then it seems like Klipsch might have more than a couple for you to choose from.

Klipsch Unveils New Wireless Earbuds With Zippo-Style Charging Case
Ever since smartphone manufacturers started to ditch the 3.5mm jack, this has resulted in many headphone makers to start coming up with more wireless options. Klipsch is one of those companies and they have recently taken the wraps off their latest “true” wireless earbuds in the form of the T5 True Wireless Headphones.

Klipsch Unveils New Wireless Speakers With Google Assistant
[CES 2018] Wireless speakers come in all shapes and sizes, with some aiming to be small and portable, while others are meant to just sit in the living room. If you’re after the latter and are in the market for a set of powerful Bluetooth speakers, Klipsch might have the solution for you as the company has unveiled two new models at CES 2018.

Klipsch HD Theater SB 3 soundbar
Klipsch has just introduced their first horn-loaded soundbar known as the HD Theater SB 3, where it is touted to deliver detailed sound and maximized output effortlessly, although it remains to be seen whether it is good enough to live up to the press release’s word of covering “even the largest listening areas.” Still, we would like to give the soundbar the benefit of doubt, considering how Klipsch’s track record […]


Klipsch Image X7i is the company’s first ceramic headphones
If you’re in the market for a new set of headphones, then perhaps Klipsch might have something for you with their recently announced Image X7i headphones. These will be the first ever ceramic headphones built by Klipsch and will set you back $200. Designed to help accentuate the lows, mids and highs coming from your music/videos, they also come with a seal on the buds which helps to cancel noise […]

Klipsch RoomGroove Air, Klipsch Stadium and Klipsch Console launched
[CES 2012] Klipsch intends to rule the airwaves in your home with the RoomGroove Air, Klipsch Stadium (as depicted above) and the Klipsch Console by launching it at CES this year. Specially designed to work with virtually any wireless network while featuring embedded AirPlay technology, the new Klipsch systems are capable of streaming high-quality audio seamlessly from any iPod, iPhone or iPad sans wires, and you need not even bother […]

Klipsch Gallery G-17 Air Music System speakers now available
Remember the Klipsch Gallery G-17 Air Music System speakers that we reported on back in July? Well the good news is if those speakers managed to catch your attention back then, they are available for purchase now for $549.99 from Klipsch’s website.

Klipsch Lou Reed limited edition headphones
Klipsch is a name that is often associated with high quality headphones and other audio products, and this time around, they have a pair of headphones which will be part of the limited edition line – where it was released in honor of Rock & Roll Hall of Famer Lou Reed. You get an all-new look that is inspired by the king of New York avant-rock, not to mention an […]

Klipsch Image S4A headphones are for Android
If you’re looking for headphones to go with your iPod or iPhone, most of the time you won’t have any trouble locating them. The market seems to be filled with accessories catered to those devices. However if you try looking for Android-compatible versions, it’s a bit more challenging. Seeing how Android is getting even more popular now, I guess manufacturers are starting to pay attention to devices that run the […]

Klipsch Gallery G-17 streams music from your iOS devices with AirPlay
Earlier this year at CES, Klipsch showed off a new sound bar called the Gallery Studio. A horizontal speaker that allowed users to stream music from their iOS devices wirelessly onto it using AirPlay technology. Well it looks like Klipsch has revealed the full specs of the device, given it a bump in the price department and a new name – Gallery G-17.

Klipsch Image S2m earbuds
Klipsch recently rolled out its Image S2m earbuds that will be a lower-end version of the S4i, although it ought to sound a whole lot better compared to any stock earbuds that come with your latest portable media player purchase. The Image S2m will feature a universal in-line mic and remote for added flexibility, where the controls were specially optimized for Apple devices. As long as you use 2008 and […]