[CES 2018] Wireless speakers come in all shapes and sizes, with some aiming to be small and portable, while others are meant to just sit in the living room. If you’re after the latter and are in the market for a set of powerful Bluetooth speakers, Klipsch might have the solution for you as the company has unveiled two new models at CES 2018.

These are part of the Klipsch Heritage Wireless series of speakers, and they are dubbed “The One” and “The Three”. Both speakers share certain features, such as its design in which they are based off on mid-century modern designs, and are made from wood and feature copper switches and knobs.

They also both come with Google Assistant baked into them, so in case the Google Home series of speakers wasn’t cutting it for you, then these speakers could be worth looking at. There are also other shared features such as Chromecast and Bluetooth connectivity options. As for their differences, it comes down mainly to size and power.

“The One” is a 2.1 setup and will feature 30W output, while “The Three” is capable of putting out 60W of power. In terms of pricing, they will be priced at $349 and $499 respectively, with the former only seeing a release in 2019, while the latter will be available for purchase later this fall.

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