Klipsch is a name that is often associated with high quality headphones and other audio products, and this time around, they have a pair of headphones which will be part of the limited edition line – where it was released in honor of Rock & Roll Hall of Famer Lou Reed. You get an all-new look that is inspired by the king of New York avant-rock, not to mention an authentic signature from the legend himself. I guess fans of Lou Reed would go wild to find one of these, and surely there will be a scalper or two out there who will soon put this up on eBay at a high price, beyond that of what they originally paid for to make a quick buck.

Known as the Klipsch Signature Audio Edition Lou Reed X10i headphones, it will hit the market from next month onwards, sporting an echo cancellation microphone that delivers crystal clear conversations, in addition to a three-button remote that allows you to handle phone calls as well as playlists with but a touch of a button on the iPod, iPhone or iPad. Not only that, Klipsch’s patented oval ear tips are there for all to enjoy comfortable long-term wear, superior noise isolation and excellent bass.

Expect to fork out $399.99 for this high end pair of headphones if you want one. [Press Release]

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