If you’re in the market for a new set of headphones, then perhaps Klipsch might have something for you with their recently announced Image X7i headphones. These will be the first ever ceramic headphones built by Klipsch and will set you back $200. Designed to help accentuate the lows, mids and highs coming from your music/videos, they also come with a seal on the buds which helps to cancel noise coming from the outside, although active noise cancelling headphones might be more of an interest to you if noise cancellation is a pretty big deal for you.

The ceramic casings on the headphones help to ensure the durability as well, and for $200 we guess anyone would want to get their money’s worth! Sporting a proprietary armature driver, these headphones will come in either black or white and have also been designed to play nice with Apple’s iPhone, iPad and iPod products. Scheduled for a release in August, they can be bought via authorized retailers or on Klipsch’s website (which currently lists it as coming soon). [Press release]

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