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Walmart eBooks Launches To Take On Amazon
Amazon is a major online retailer of e-books and audiobooks. Walmart has now launched a proper rival which will take on Amazon in these markets. Walmart eBooks is the result of the retailer’s partnership with Rakuten, the parent company of Kobo. The partnership was announced in January this year and has resulted in this new service.

Kobo Aura H20 Water-Resistant E-Reader Announced
If you love the idea of being able to bring a library of books with you wherever you go, ebooks are clearly the answer. However if your e-reader is getting a bit long in the tooth and you don’t mind getting your hands on a new one, you’ll be pleased to learn that Kobo has announced a new e-reader in the form of the Aura H20.

Kobo Aura One Is a Big Waterproof E-Reader
Amazon isn’t the only company that makes e-readers but its Kindle devices have long dominated the market. Kobo makes similar devices and its latest product has some neat features that haven’t arrived in a Kindle yet. It’s a big e-reader with a 7.8 inch display and it happens to be waterproof. It has that capability despite being thin and light, attributes that are very important particularly in e-readers.

Kobo Aura H20 Launched
It looks as though using modern day mobile devices might need some toughening up these days as the Samsung Galaxy S5 and Xperia Z2 from Sony has proven by offering waterproof capability. As for e-book readers, now this is one particular niche product that one would not really find for it to require waterproof ability, but Kobo has decided to go ahead and launch the Kobo Aura H20 that will […]


Kobo Aura H2O Set To Offer Water Resistant Capability
It looks like Kobo has plans for a brand new eReader, where this particular model will be known as the Kobo Aura H2O. Having passed through the FCC not too long ago, the Kobo Aura H2O will arrive with a high resolution E Ink display, accompanied by a water- as well as dust-proof case. As to its purported release date, it seems that we now have additional details, thanks to […]

Kobo For Windows Phone Released
Heads up Windows Phone users, if you’re looking for an alternative way to get ebooks onto your Windows Phone handset, you’re in luck because it has recently been announced that the Kobo app has officially made its way onto the Windows Phone platform, thus allowing users to shop and purchase ebooks from Kobo’s own ebook store.The app itself is free to download from the Windows Phone Store, as expected, and […]

McDonald's UK Happy Meal Toys Will Now Include E-Books
McDonald’s has had a long and proud(?) tradition of giving toys to kids whenever they purchase a Happy Meal. Heck, in recent years we’ve seen them give toys and collectibles away to adults as well, but that’s a different story altogether. That being said, it seems that McDonald’s in the UK is hoping to do something different and have teamed up with Kobo to offer children an e-book with every […]

Kobo Chosen To Be Sony’s Choice Of eBookstore For The Sony Reader
Sony is not a company that is swimming in money these days, as the Japanese company has been going through the numbers and making the necessary adjustments in disposing off some of their assets to survive in the years ahead. Hence, it was not surprising to hear that the cost-cutting measures would also enter the e-reader business territory. According to Sony, they will be closing down their Reader store over […]

Kobo Arc 7 HD And Kobo Arc 10 HD Make FCC Appearance
We did bring you word about the existence of the Kobo Arc 7 HD and Kobo Arc 10 HD at the end of August, and here we are, nearing the end of October, with word that both tablets have already made their way over to the FCC for approval. That can only mean one thing upon approval, that both devices are well on their way to hit store shelves. Majority […]

Kobo Aura Announced, Comes In Black And Pink Shades
I am not quite sure how to say this, but where does one draw the line between a smartphone with a really large screen, or a tablet with a really small display? Just how “elastic” is the band of this new category known as “phablets” can stretch? It really depends on the hardware manufacturer, and according to Kobo, they claim that their 6” Kobo Aura eReader is a tablet, although […]

Kobo Arc 10HD Set To Rock And Roll
Kobo has made the jump into the world of high definition tablets with the introduction of the Kobo Arc 10HD, where it will also celebrate the joy of reading with Kobo’s Reading Life platform. The Reading Life platform is said to be a compelling reading dashboard which will make up some segments of the user interface, where it also delivers full access to the content that folks love to consume, […]

Kobo Has The Arc 7 For Tablet Newbies
If you want to wet your feet in the world of tablets, then you would not have to look too far off into the distance to see whether there is something that falls within your budget as well as expectations. The iPad might be extremely easy to use with its iOS interface, but it is still relatively pricey to make the jump, and for those who happen to be on […]

Kobo Arc 7HD Tablet Announced
When it comes to the world of tablets, most of us would be a whole lot more familiar with the name iPad from Apple, which happens to be the most popular tablet in many markets at the moment. Of course, it is also considered to be one of the more expensive tablets in the market around in comparison to other more affordable alternatives, but it really boils down to your […]

Kobo Arc 10 HD Tablet To Come With Tegra 4, 2560 x 1600 Pixel Display (Rumor)
When it comes to Android-powered tablets, the manufacturers behind this particular hardware genre are dime a dozen, and it can be pretty difficult picking an outstanding out of the crowd. Kobo is a name that some consumers might be familiar with, as they do have had their fair share of new tablets which run on the Android operating system released over the years. The thing is, Kobo has never been […]

Kobo Aura HD E-Book Reader
E-book readers are definitely a niche market, and it does not look as though it will grow to be a major force in the mobile consumer electronics market. While we have seen some names fall by the wayside over the years, Kobo still remains strong, and their latest e-book reader would be known as the Kobo Aura HD, which is an E-ink device that boasts of a 6.8-inch screen, and […]

Kobo Arc now sports 64GB option
Earlier this month, we did talk about how Kobo will be revealing another e-reader this November, calling it the Kobo Arc in the process. There was only word concerning 16GB and 32GB models back then, but it seems that the game has changed, and Kobo will also be throwing in a new 64GB capacity model. This 7″ Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich tablet will arrive in this November in all […]

Kobo Glo announced
Kobo has certainly been productive behind the scenes with the introduction of the Kobo Glo, Kobo Mini, and Kobo Arc devices, where the Arc is a 7” Android-powered tablet. I guess the Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire will definitely need to look over their shoulders now, no? The new Kobo family will be budget friendly, starting from $79.99 upwards depending on the model, while offering readers with additional choice as […]

Kobo Arc Android-powered eReader
You know the idiom of reading someone like a book – well, the same can be said of the Kobo Arc, except that its choice of reading material is you, the owner. Yes sir, we said that right, the Kobo Arc is a 7″ Android-powered eReader that will definitely tread upon the hallowed ground of the Google Nexus 7 as well as the Amazon Kindle Fire, although chances are we […]

Kobo Mini is world's smallest and lightest eReader
Mom always said never to judge a book by its cover, and in this case, not to judge the e-book reader’s performance via its size. After all, haven’t you heard of the saying that it is not the size of the dog that matters, but the fight in the dog instead? The Kobo Mini might depict a rather tiny form factor, but make no mistake about it – it is […]

Samsung to discontinue Kobo e-books, favors own service instead
Uh oh, it seems as though Kobo has just lost a major partner when it comes to support for their e-book service, as South Korean conglomerate Samsung seemed to have dropped all association with Kobo and their e-books under its Readers Hub app. A user sent in a screenshot to HDBlog, where this screenshot certainly says plenty of words – not to the tune of a thousand, but enough to […]