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A Solar Energy Absorber Etched By Lasers Is Super Efficient
The University of Rochester research lab has had success demonstrating a lot of interesting observations.

U.S. Air Force Successfully Tests Laser System That Shoots Down Missiles
It’s no secret that the U.S. military has been looking into laser technology as it continues to advance its arsenal of weapons. The United States Air Force has now announced that it has conducted a successful test of a laser weapons system which is capable of shooting down multiple missiles in flight. This system has been designed to eventually be mounted on aircraft so that it can be used to […]

Shoes With Lasers Help Parkinson’s Patients Tackle Gait Freezing
Gait freezing is one of the possible symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. It’s when the person is unable to take a step even when they’re willing to take a step forward. They’re unable to move for the duration of the freeze and that’s really inconvenient for them. It may even cause them to lose their balance and fall over. The University of Twente’s Murielle Ferraye has found that shoes with lasers […]

Lockheed Building Airborne Laser Weapons For The Air Force
Lockheed Martin has won a new contract from the Air Force Research Laboratory to develop and produce high-energy airborne laser weapons that will be built into tactical fighter aircraft. The aim is to have these lethal high-energy fiber laser weapons augmented existing kinetic solutions used by the air force.


The Sharpest Laser In History Now Exists
Lasers are only as good as their accuracy which is measured by linewidth. The linewidth is the measurement of the optical spectrum covered by a laser, ideally, we would have achieved a laser with one specific wavelength which would consist of photons being shot at a single frequency, but that hasn’t been possible yet. Scientists have come up with the next best thing, though, and it’s now the sharpest laser […]

London Theater To Use Lasers To Shut Down Phone Users
Our phones were designed to connect us to the rest of the world, but unfortunately it has gotten to the point where we are so connected that sometimes we forget we’re actually having a meal with a real-life person. Sometimes that addiction gets so far where we disregard our surroundings, like rush onto a Broadway set just so we can charge our phone.

Laser-Cooked Bacon Could Be A Thing In The Future
There are so many different ways of cooking food. You can boil it, you can blanch it, you can poach it, you can grill it, you can fry it, you can pressure cook it, double boiling, baking, roasting, and etc., the list goes on but you get the idea. However it seems that over in Japan, scientists have come up with an interesting but novel way of cooking bacon, which […]

Air Force Aims To Have Combat Lasers On Planes By End Of This Decade
We have all seen plenty of movies where lasers have been perfected as weapons systems, we have seen our favorite heros shoot lasers out of handheld guns and even out of spacecrafts, even though significant progress has been made to incorporate weapons into real weapons systems there’s still some work to be done before the technology can be really put to use. The United States Air Force aims to have […]

London’s Bikes For Rent WIll Be Equipped With Lasers
There are several countries around the world where you can rent bicycles and take a cycle through the city. The UK is one of those countries and over in London, residents and tourists can rent bikes, also known as Boris Bikes, to take around the city with you while you explore, and recently the Transport for London has decided to up its safety features.How will this work? Basically they will […]

Lasers Disrupt 12 Flights In A Single Night Over New Jersey
Lasers are wonderful tools used for a variety of purposes, but at the same time it is a potentially dangerous tool especially in the wrong hands. There have been instances in which people think it’s funny to shine lasers into the eyes of drivers and athletes which is not only disruptive, but could prove to be dangerous as accidents could happen and people can become blind.Now it seems that over […]

Homemade 40W Laser Shotgun Is The Stuff Of Sci-Fi Fantasies
As if staring down the barrel of a shotgun wasn’t an intimidating picture, imagine staring down the barrel of a laser shotgun, knowing that the black could very well fry your face off! Well that’s what YouTuber styropyro has done in which he has constructed his very own 40W laser shotgun that looks like it could belong in a sci-fi movie.Now according to styropyro, he claims that no one should […]