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T-Mobile LG G6 Oreo Update Released
Even though Android Oreo will no longer be the most recent stable iteration of Google’s mobile platform in a couple of months, many compatible devices have yet to be upgraded to Android 8.0. Oreo has gradually been making its way to more devices over the past couple of months and now the T-Mobile LG G6 Oreo update has finally been released.

Verizon LG G6 Oreo Update Rolling Out Now
Some of you will be well aware that Google has already detailed Android P and has even launched a public beta program while many compatible high-end devices have yet to receive their Oreo update. The carrier-locked LG G6 is one of those devices and finally, there’s some respite for those who have been waiting for this update on Verizon. The country’s largest mobile carrier has now started rolling out the […]

LG G6 Oreo Update Rolling Out Now
LG announced last week that it would start rolling out the LG G6 Oreo update in the next few days and the company has followed up on its promise today. It has started rolling out the Android 8.0 Oreo update for the LG G6. The latest firmware update for this handset also bumps up its custom skin version up to 6.0.

LG G6 Oreo Update Will Be Released Next Week
LG recently announced the creation of a new division with the sole purpose of speeding up Android updates for its users. The Software Upgrade Center is now going to push out its first update for the company’s handsets. LG has confirmed that the Android 8.0 Oreo update for the LG G6 is going to start rolling out next week. The rollout will begin from April 30th to be precise.


LG G6 And LG V30 To Get Android Enterprise Recommended Certification
Google has launched an Android Enterprise Recommended program to certify Android smartphones for business users. The program will make it easier for large organizations looking to deploy Android smartphones to see the range of models that are guaranteed to receive timely security updates for a minimum of three years. The LG G6 and LG V30 will both be certified as Android Enterprise Recommended devices.

LG G7 Launch Reportedly 'On Schedule'
There have been a lot of contradictory reports about the LG G7 recently. It was first believed that the successor to the LG G6 would be unveiled at Mobile World Congress 2018 in Barcelona as many would have expected. It was then reported that perhaps LG will launch it a month or two earlier. We then heard reports that LG had sent the device back to the drawing board so […]

LG G6 Android 8.0 Oreo Release Expected In February
The LG G6 is yet to receive its Android 8.0 Oreo update. LG has been working on it and the company recently released a beta firmware for this handset in China. It hasn’t confirmed, though, when the public release is going to take place. According to a new report, the LG G6 Android 8.0 Oreo release is expected to take place in February.

Android Oreo Beta For LG G6, G6 Plus Rolling Out In China
Recently you might have heard that over in South Korea, LG has begun rolling out the Android 8.0 Oreo update for the LG V30, which is the second LG flagship phone for 2017. So what about LG’s first flagship for 2017, the LG G6? The good news is that it appears that LG has not forgotten about its G6 or G6 Plus owners.

Buy LG G6 For Less If You Can Bear Amazon's Ads
The LG G6 is a good smartphone but if you didn’t want to pay top dollar for it, perhaps you’d like to take up Amazon on its offer. The online retail giant has added the LG G6 to its lineup of Prime Exclusive Phones. It’s selling the handset at a discount compared to the market but there’s a caveat. Customers will have to bear lockscreen ads. That’s why Amazon is […]

Sprint CallingPLUS Support For LG G6 Released
Sprint has been quietly rolling out CallingPLUS support for the LG G6 on its network. It’s now the fourth smartphone on the carrier’s network to offer this functionality. The latest update that Sprint has released for the LG G6 includes CallingPLUS support as well as the latest Android security patches.

LG G6 Fails To Turn Things Around For LG
LG has been making good flagship smartphones for the past couple of years but they don’t appear to be capturing customers’ attention, or their wallets, at least not as much as LG would have hoped. The LG G6 was launched earlier this year and while it’s a bona fide flagship smartphone, it hasn’t done much to turn things around for LG’s mobile division.

LG Q6 Teaser Confirms 18:9 Display Aspect Ratio
It has been a few weeks since we started hearing rumors about the LG G6 Mini. LG came out with the LG G6 earlier this year and it was rumored recently that perhaps the company could soon launch a mini variant of its 2017 flagship smartphone. Subsequent reports suggested that the new handset might actually be called the LG Q6. Not only did LG confirm that via its invite for […]

LG G6 Mini Launch Confirmed For July 11th
The LG G6 came out earlier this year and as the company gears up to launch its second flagship of the year, recent reports suggest that it also has a mini variant of the LG G6 in the pipeline. We’ve heard a lot of reports and rumors about this handset recently. It was later said that the LG G6 Mini might actually be launched as the LG Q6. The company […]

LG G6 Mini Could Be Launched As the LG Q6
One of the things we’ve noticed that smartphone OEMs have been doing in the past few years is launching a flagship smartphone, followed by variants of the device, such as a more rugged version, a mini version, and so on. The LG G6 appears to be no exception as last we heard, an LG G6 Mini was rumored to be in the works.

LG G6+ Has Been Officially Announced
According to a rumor from earlier this month, it was suggested that LG could have a variant of the LG G6 in the works. For those who are wondering about those rumors, it turns out that they were true as LG has since officially announced a new version of the LG G6 in the form of the LG G6+.

LG G6 Warranty Extended By One Year
If you purchased the G6 from LG or are planning on doing so, the company wants you to know that it’s got your back. LG today announced that it’s extending the G6’s warranty by one full year. The program is called LG G6 Second Year Promise and it’s free for all existing and future LG G6 customers. The company previously provided a one year warranty for the handset as is […]

New Galaxy S8 And LG G6 Variants Reportedly Inspired By iPhone 8
It is not a secret that Apple’s iPhone has influenced a lot of smartphone makers when it comes to introducing features and design, and we guess the opposite can also be said where Apple does “copy” design and features found on other devices and software. However could Apple’s influence be so great to prompt smartphone makers to launch new variants?

Unlocked LG G6 Now Available In The U.S.
Carriers have been selling the LG G6 in the United States for a couple of months now. What about those customers who want to buy this handset but don’t want to be tied to a carrier? They have been waiting for the official unlocked variant to arrive and they’ll be happy to find out now that the unlocked LG G6 is now available for purchase in the United States.

LG Pulls T-Mobile LG G6 Buy One Get One Free Offer
Earlier this week, T-Mobile announced that it was launching a Buy One Get One Free promotion for the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+. As the name suggests, customers who purchase one unit of Samsung’s new flagship smartphone will receive the other for free. T-Mobile then launched a similar promotion for the LG G6 but according to a new report, it has now been pulled by LG.

Netflix Releases HDR Video Support For Android
We’ve known for quite some time now and Netflix is going to bring HDR video streaming to Android-powered mobile devices. There are two smartphones on the market today that have mobile HDR-certified displays so when Netflix flips the switch on this feature, those who own those devices will be able to benefit from it. Netflix today released support for HDR video streaming on Android but there is one caveat.