LG G6+ Has Been Officially Announced

According to a rumor from earlier this month, it was suggested that LG could have a variant of the LG G6 in the works. For those who are wondering about those rumors, it turns out that they were true as LG has since officially announced a new version of the LG G6 in the form of the LG G6+.

LG G6 Warranty Extended By One Year

If you purchased the G6 from LG or are planning on doing so, the company wants you to know that it’s got your back. LG today announced that it’s extending the G6’s warranty by one full year. The program is called LG G6 Second Year Promise and it’s free for all existing and future LG G6 customers. The company previously provided a one year warranty for the handset as is […]

New Galaxy S8 And LG G6 Variants Reportedly Inspired By iPhone 8

It is not a secret that Apple’s iPhone has influenced a lot of smartphone makers when it comes to introducing features and design, and we guess the opposite can also be said where Apple does “copy” design and features found on other devices and software. However could Apple’s influence be so great to prompt smartphone makers to launch new variants?

Unlocked LG G6 Now Available In The U.S.

Carriers have been selling the LG G6 in the United States for a couple of months now. What about those customers who want to buy this handset but don’t want to be tied to a carrier? They have been waiting for the official unlocked variant to arrive and they’ll be happy to find out now that the unlocked LG G6 is now available for purchase in the United States.


LG Pulls T-Mobile LG G6 Buy One Get One Free Offer

Earlier this week, T-Mobile announced that it was launching a Buy One Get One Free promotion for the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+. As the name suggests, customers who purchase one unit of Samsung’s new flagship smartphone will receive the other for free. T-Mobile then launched a similar promotion for the LG G6 but according to a new report, it has now been pulled by LG.

Netflix Releases HDR Video Support For Android

We’ve known for quite some time now and Netflix is going to bring HDR video streaming to Android-powered mobile devices. There are two smartphones on the market today that have mobile HDR-certified displays so when Netflix flips the switch on this feature, those who own those devices will be able to benefit from it. Netflix today released support for HDR video streaming on Android but there is one caveat.

Netflix Mobile HDR Support Goes Live For LG G6 Soon

The HDR or High Dynamic Range technology is not just limited to big TVs anymore. LG and Samsung have both released smartphones with displays that have mobile HDR certification. They can provide a similar viewing experience on a mobile device, however, they don’t add any value for users in the absence of HDR content. Netflix is fixing this soon as it has confirmed that mobile HDR and Dolby Vision support […]

LG G6 Mini Could Be In The Works

In the past few years we’ve noticed a trend in smartphone companies where they will release a flagship smartphone and will follow up with a “mini” variant. Usually this mini variant, as its name suggests, will be a smaller version for users who don’t really want a huge display. Sometimes there are changes to the hardware, but for the most part we’re talking about a smaller device.

iPhone 7 Plus VS Galaxy S8, LG G6, Pixel, OnePlus 3T

So now that both Samsung and LG have released their 2017 flagship phones which in theory should be more powerful than last year’s models, how do they fare against the competition? For those who are curious, the folks at EverythingApplePro have put together a video which compares the iPhone 7 Plus against the Galaxy S8, the LG G6, the Google Pixel, and OnePlus 3T.

LG G6 Rumored To Get 3D Facial Scanning Feature This June

The LG G6 has been officially launched and as far as security features are concerned, it does come with a fingerprint scanner. However it seems that it could soon be getting another security feature in the form of 3D facial scanning, or at least that’s according to a report from The Investor who claims that the feature will be arriving this June via a software update.

T-Mobile Offers Free Tablet With LG G6

The LG G6 has now been released in the United States and T-Mobile would like it if you purchased the flagship smartphone from it. This is why the carrier is offering a new deal to customers who are in the market for the LG G6. For a limited time, it’s going to offer a free LG tablet with every purchase of the LG G6.

Samsung Galaxy S8 vs. LG G6: In-Depth Comparison Editor's Pick

LG and Samsung have unveiled their latest phones, and since we spent enough time to come up with near-final conclusions, let’s compare the two hottest phones in the “large display” category. The LG G6 and the Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ are leading a new push for large-screen displays with incredibly high display-to-body screen ratios, especially for high-volume devices. How do they stack against one another? Let’s take a look.

Sprint Now Offering The LG G6 At 50% Off

The LG G6 is still a fairly new handset but it seems that either Sprint or LG is desperate to drum up some sales because in an announcement by the carrier, for a limited time only, they will be selling the LG G6 for 50% off which means that based on installment plans, customers will only have to pay $14.75 a month over the course of 24 months versus $29.50.

Samsung Galaxy S8 VS LG G6 In Speed Test

With the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S8, many comparisons are being drawn up to one of Samsung’s main competitors which is LG and the LG G6, which is the company’s flagship of 2017 for now. Now thanks to a video uploaded onto YouTube by XEETECHCARE, it puts both phones to the test in a speed comparison.