LG Will Start Taking Pre-Orders For Its 8K TV

4K TVs have yet to become as ubiquitous as Full HD TVs, and we expect that it might still be a while before it does, but it looks like some companies are already planning for 8K to become the next big thing, such as LG. The company has recently announced that they will be accepting pre-orders for the world’s first commercially-available 8K TV.

2019 LG TVs To Get Alexa This Month

Purchased a latest LG smart TV this year? You will soon be able to access another smart assistant on it. The company has confirmed that its 2019 lineup of TVs will be updated with support for Amazon Alexa later this month. LG will be rolling out this update in North America first. Customers in Asia and Europe will have to wait a bit longer to get it.

LG’s UltraFine Displays Pops Up On Apple’s Online Store Again

According to reports from April and May, it was reported that Apple had pulled the LG UltraFine monitors from their stores. It started with the 4K monitor and then the 5K model. It was speculated that Apple could be done with LG’s UltraFine displays as they prepare to launch their rumored 32-inch 6K display.

LG Unveils Its Own AI Chip For Smarter Home Products

LG has announced that it has developed its very own artificial intelligence chip which will be used to make its smart home products even smarter. The chip, it says, has a proprietary LG Neural Engine which better enables it to mimic the neural network of the human brain. This will greatly improve the processing of deep learning algorithms, LG claims.


Apple Has Stopped Selling LG’s UltraFine Displays In Their Stores

When Apple announced that they would stop making their own displays, it was kind of a bummer. While they weren’t exactly cheap, the fact that they were designed to look like the iMac did help with the consistency of its design. Instead, Apple teamed up with LG to launch a couple of 4K and 5K UltraFine displays designed specifically for Mac computers.

LG G8 ThinQ Review Editor's Pick

Like clockwork, LG is releasing its 2018 flagship high-volume smartphone: the LG G8 ThinQ. Designed to address high-end usage, but at competitive prices, the LG G-Series has found itself somewhere between the premium market (sub-$600) and the upper high-end market (~800+). Let’s look at what the LG G8 is, and how it performs.

LG Could Halt Smartphone Production In Korea For Somewhere Cheaper

As expected of a MNO such as LG, the company has production plants and factories all over the world. However, a report from Korean publication Yonhap News Agency claims that LG could be considering halting the production of its smartphones over in Korea where they might try to seek out more affordable alternatives.

LG G8 Camera Review Editor's Pick

Announced on Feb 24, the LG G8 ThinQ is the new flagship smartphone (high-end, mainstream) from LG. Designed to be a high-volume product, the camera performance is of paramount importance to prospect buyers, despite a relatively affordable price of $620 (T-Mobile, no contract). Let’s take a look at the LG G8 camera performance through the prism of our four photography pillars.

LG May Stop Manufacturing Phones In South Korea

LG has really been feeling the pinch the smartphone market for quite some time. It has made some serious attempts to improve its fortunes but they’re not quite yielded the results that it requires. LG isn’t giving up on the business, though, and is making an effort to reform and optimize it. This may include discontinuing smartphone production in its home country of South Korea.

LG’s Software Upgrade Center Hasn’t Delivered On Its Promise Of Fast Updates

The fragmentation in Android OS updates often sees users having to wait a considerable amount of time for software updates. To fix this problem for its customers, LG launched a Software Upgrade Center about a year ago with the promise of speeding up Android updates for people who own LG smartphones. It turns out that the center hasn’t really delivered on that promise.

Apple Pulls 4K LG UltraFine Displays From Online Store

Several years ago, Apple discontinued its Thunderbolt displays. Instead, they turned to LG who started to make monitors specifically designed for Apple’s computers in the form of 4K and 5K UltraFine displays. However, it seems that maybe Apple’s own displays could be close to making a comeback.

LG 5G Phone Launch Has Been Delayed

LG was supposed to release its first 5G phone in its home country of South Korea this month. Given that its rival Samsung has already put the Galaxy S10 5G on the market in the country, many were looking towards LG to respond. The company has responded, but it’s actually delaying the launch of the LG V50 ThinQ.

LG V50 5G ThinQ Pricing Revealed

At MWC 2019, LG took the wraps off two brand new handsets in the form of the LG G8 and the LG V50 ThinQ. Recently LG had confirmed that the LG G8 would be going on sale come 11th of April, but if you’re more interested in the LG V50 ThinQ, then you might be interested to learn that the handset’s pricing and availability has since been announced.

LG G8 U.S. Release Confirmed For April 11th

About a month after the handset was originally unveiled, the LG G8 ThinQ U.S. release date has finally been confirmed today. The company’s latest Android flagship smartphone will be available for purchase starting April 11th in the country. The handset was unveiled at the Mobile World Congress 2019 in Barcelona last month. The LG G8 ThinQ brings a minimalist design that’s blended with new camera hardware, touchless controls, and flagship-level […]