LG Corporation is a South Korean conglomerate that is based in Seoul. LG operates a number of subsidiaries including LG Electronics, LG Display, LG Telecom, and LG Chem. The conglomerate specializes in developing electronics, telecom products, and chemicals. LG Corp. was founded in 1947 by Koo In-Hwoi. Koo first established Lak-Hui Chemical Industrial Corp. in 1947. Today, Lak-Hui (pronounced lucky) is known as LG Chem. The company then expanded its business and created Goldstar Co. Ltd, now known as LG Electronics Inc. Both companies merged and formed Lucky-Goldstar, which was eventually renamed “LG” in 1995.

LG, Samsung & Sharp Invests In OLED Technology
Word has been going around that display manufacturers are looking at preparing themselves to meet the needs when the iPhone from Apple makes the jump to OLED displays some time next year, as mentioned earlier in the day. In other words, whatever major design change that is associated with the 2017 version of the iPhone, suppliers of Apple would do their level best to ensure that the 10th anniversary of […]

Apple Reportedly Turns To LG For Dual-Lens Camera Module
One of the rumored features and biggest changes that Apple is said to be making to the iPhone 7, would be the inclusion of a dual-lens camera system for the iPhone 7 Plus. A dual-lens setup isn’t new as we have seen other OEMs attempt it in the past, but it will be the first for Apple who has for the most part stuck with more traditional setups.

LG Phoenix 2 Offers Affordable Marshmallow Option On AT&T
The folks over at AT&T know that people would love to have newer or better smartphones compared to what they hold in their hands at the moment, but there are many out there who simply cannot afford to pick up a new handset, and are using an ancient feature phone still – especially for the older folks. Perhaps something in the mid-tier range that still has some of the latest […]

LG Action Cam With LTE Support Announced
There is a reason why many sporting enthusiasts and thrill seekers tend to go for GoPro cameras. This is because GoPro cameras are small, light, and can be mounted on a variety of surfaces which allows for some pretty amazing action footage. Now we’ve seen companies like HTC throw their hat in the ring, and now it looks like LG wants a slice of that pie too.


2016 Nexus Smartphones Release Date, Specs, Features & News
It has been a while since Google came out with new Nexus-branded smartphones so naturally the world is looking forward to the new handsets. There have already been all sorts of rumors and leaks concerning the new devices even though nothing has been officially confirmed as yet. Google hasn’t even confirmed which manufacturer it’s going to select to build the new Nexus smartphones, it has worked with the likes of LG, […]

LG Working To Create A 'Faster And Lighter' Mobile Division
The global smartphone market is very competitive and there are numerous instances of it chewing up companies that were once behemoths in this market and spitting them back out, Nokia and BlackBerry being two prime examples, and if companies want to avoid a similar fate they have to be very smart about the way they run their mobile business. LG’s mobile division lost money in Q1 2016 and to plug […]

Verizon Launches BOGO Offer For The LG G5
Are you thinking of picking up a handset or two, you might be interested to learn that Verizon has recently launched a buy-one-get-one deal for the LG G5. The handset will be priced at $624 and it seems that it is a pretty straightforward deal in which there will be a $0 down payment and $26 a month over the next 24 months.

LG G5 & V10 Gets The US Government’s Seal of Approval
When it comes to smartphones, there are phones designed for businesses, governments, and regular folks. You might think that maybe it’s just the software and features, and you would be right, but if there is one major difference is that security features on phones designed for enterprise and government use tend to be stricter.

Marshmallow OTA For T-Mobile LG G3 Rolling Out
It has been about a week since the Marshmallow update for LG G3 on T-Mobile was spotted. Users had to hook up their phones to the PC to manually download the update as the over-the-air rollout hadn’t begun. That changes today as the Marshmallow OTA for LG G3 on T-Mobile has now started rolling out to users in the United States. The update was spotted for AT&T’s variant of this handset […]

T-Mobile Celebrates Mother's Day With Half-Off Deal On LG G5
To celebrate Mother’s Day that’s coming this Sunday, May 8th, T-Mobile has launched a limited time promotion which offers a significant discount on the LG G5 provided you’re willing to purchase two of the LG flagships. Starting this Wednesday, customers who purchase a new LG smartphone from T-Mobile will get another LG smartphone for half-off. They will also get a new LG Gpad F 8.0 tablet for free as part […]

LG Unveils Fingerprint Module That Has No Button
Right now fingerprint sensors appear to be the standard in which we protect our mobile devices. For the most part the only difference between the sensors used by different OEMs is where they are placed, with some opting to use it as a home button, others opting to place it at the back, and in some cases, some have even opted to place it on the side.

LG G3 Gets Marshmallow On AT&T And T-Mobile
It’s about time that the LG G3 started getting the much-awaited Marshmallow update on carriers in the United States. According to a new report, the update is now available for this handset on AT&T and T-Mobile. It may not have been released over-the-air just yet but it appears that the update is ready on both carriers for this handset and users just have to go through an extra step to […]

AT&T LG V10 Marshmallow Update Released
LG V10 owners on AT&T will be delighted to hear that the carrier has finally released Marshmallow for this handset. It was only a few days ago that T-Mobile released Marshmallow for LG V10 users on its network so AT&T users will appreciate that the company didn’t take too long to come out with this update for its users. AT&T is rolling out the update right now over-the-air.

LG G5 Bootloader Unlock Now Possible
Many people like Android devices because it’s much easier to deeply customize them as opposed to an iOS device on which Apple tightly controls the entire user experience. To make major changes to the look and feel of your Android handset you need to unlock the bootloader. That’s not hard to do in most cases if the handset features an unlockable bootloader, the LG G5 does feature one, and it’s […]