nexus 5x teardown

Image credit – iFixit

The Nexus 5X is one of two new Nexus handsets announced by Google last month. It is slightly cheaper than the Nexus 6P meaning that customers on a tighter budget will be able to afford it. Now if you’re the sort that likes to keep your devices around for a long time, maybe 2-3 years or even longer, repairability is important.

After all unless you’re extremely careful, chances are your phone might break somewhere and you will need to get it fixed. So how does the Nexus 5X score in terms of repairability? According to the folks at iFixit who recently did a teardown of the phone, it turns out the Nexus 5X is pretty repairable.

The handset has scored a pretty decent 7 out of 10 in terms of repairability, with a score of 10 indicating that it is the easiest to repair. According to them, one of the reasons that the handset was given such a high score was because most of the components in the phone are modular, meaning that taking them out and replacing them individually is not an issue.

They also note that the phone uses standard Phillips screws (unlike Apple who uses proprietary screws) meaning that anyone with a regular screwdriver can remove them. They also note that while the battery isn’t immediately accessible, it shouldn’t be too hard to remove or replace. The only issue here is its display, where the glass and LCD are fused together meaning that both components will need to be replaced at once, which in turn could cost you more.

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