LG Corporation is a South Korean conglomerate that is based in Seoul. LG operates a number of subsidiaries including LG Electronics, LG Display, LG Telecom, and LG Chem. The conglomerate specializes in developing electronics, telecom products, and chemicals. LG Corp. was founded in 1947 by Koo In-Hwoi. Koo first established Lak-Hui Chemical Industrial Corp. in 1947. Today, Lak-Hui (pronounced lucky) is known as LG Chem. The company then expanded its business and created Goldstar Co. Ltd, now known as LG Electronics Inc. Both companies merged and formed Lucky-Goldstar, which was eventually renamed “LG” in 1995.

LG Watch W7 Hybrid Smartwatch Launched
While no one is debating the functionality or usefulness of a smartwatch, there are who are understandably apprehensive about using it. This is because smartwatches need to be charged, and for the most part most smartwatches don’t last more than a couple of days, and this can be annoying as it means additional chargers and cables that need to be brought around. This is versus a regular watch which can […]

Availability Of LG UltraFine 5K Displays Are Apparently Shrinking
A couple of years ago, Apple announced that they would stop making its own displays. The company later launched new displays made by LG in the form of the UltraFine series. The lineup has not changed since its introduction, but now according to a report from AppleInsider, we might be getting new monitors soon.

LG V40 ThinQ ReviewEditor's Pick
The LG V40 camera system introduces an unprecedented combined range of 16-52 mm that makes it the most flexible mobile camera to date

LG's Hybrid Wear OS Smartwatch May Launch On October 3rd
It has been reported over the past few months that LG is working on a new hybrid smartwatch that would combine elements of a Wear OS smartwatch with a traditional watch complete with hands for the minutes and seconds markers. This hybrid watch is expected to be called the LG Watch W7 and a new report suggests that it’s going to be officially announced on October 3rd.


LG V40 ThinQ’s Five Camera Setup Confirmed
According to the rumors, the LG V40 ThinQ is said to be packing five cameras. A leaked render from the other day seems to have confirmed it, where the phone will feature three cameras on the back, and two in the front. Now as reliable as the source was, it’s never really official until it is official, and it looks like LG might have confirmed it themselves.

LG V40 ThinQ Render Leaked
LG has recently confirmed that the LG V40 ThinQ will be officially unveiled on the 3rd of October. Now thanks to a tweet by Evan Blass, a render of the upcoming handset has been revealed which seems to confirm some of the rumors that we have heard about the handset so far.

LG Stylo 4+ With 6.2 Inch Display Lands On AT&T
AT&T customers who are in the market for an Android smartphone with a large display now have a new option. The LG Stylo 4+ has landed on the carrier. It’s a refreshed model of the LG Stylo 4 that the Korean company launched in the United States a few months ago. There’s a large display on this new handset and mid-range specs.

Samsung May Not Be Supplying All iPhone OLED Panels Now
The iPhone X was Apple’s first smartphone with an OLED display. Samsung Display, a subsidiary of its biggest rival, is one of the few companies with the quality and scale of OLED panel production to meet demand from a customer like Apple which is why it was the sole supplier of the iPhone X’s OLED panel. However, it appears that Samsung may not be the sole supplier for Apple’s latest […]

LG Confirms LG V40 Launch For October 3rd
LG has been working on a new device that it’s going to launch early next month. The company has confirmed that the LG V40 is going to be launched in October. The company’s new device will take on the likes of the Galaxy Note 9 from its Korean rival Samsung and fans are interested to see what LG has up its sleeve.

LG Q9 Mid-Range Device Leaks With 18:9 Display
LG appears to have a new mid-range smartphone in the pipeline that subscribes to the 2018 design language of tall displays. It’s said to be called the LG Q9 and the accompanying report claims that this handset has an 18:9 aspect ratio display. The software skin and the placement of the volume buttons make it clear that this is unquestionably an LG device.

LG V40 Specs Said To Feature 5 Cameras And Stereo Boombox
LG didn’t unveil its upcoming flagship smartphone at IFA 2018 last week but there have been enough leaks already that give us a fair idea of what to expect from the new device. According to a new report, the LG V40 specs will likely include five cameras and a stereo boombox. This isn’t the first time that we are hearing about five cameras for the LG V40, though.

Ubergizmo's Best of IFA 2018Editor's Pick
The past few days were intense at IFA 2018 in Berlin, Germany. There were tons of interesting products to look at (and try!), and after checking out everything we could, here are what we think where the most impressive products at IFA, sorted in no particular order.This year, Samsung launched its Galaxy Note 9, Galaxy Watch and Galaxy Tab S4 ahead of the show, so follow the links to that […]

LG's Wearable Robot Will Make You Stronger
LG is showcasing a wearable robot at IFA 2018 called the CLOi Suitbot. The company says that it’s the first human-centric robot that’s designed for industry and healthcare markets. It’s different from the robots that LG has launched so far which are capable of navigating airport lounges and hotel hallways all by themselves.

LG Unveils The World’s First 88-inch 8K OLED TV
4K is currently the standard resolution in which more televisions and monitors are moving towards (save for Apple who seems to be pushing for 5K). However in the future we expect that this will change, and from what we can tell, 8K could be the next step as we are seeing 8K display efforts from the likes of Samsung and also LG, who has unveiled what they claim to be […]