While no one is debating the functionality or usefulness of a smartwatch, there are who are understandably apprehensive about using it. This is because smartwatches need to be charged, and for the most part most smartwatches don’t last more than a couple of days, and this can be annoying as it means additional chargers and cables that need to be brought around. This is versus a regular watch which can last indefinitely.


This is where hybrid smartwatches come in handy, where they keep the basic functions of a watch, such as telling time, but also offer smart features in case users need it. We have seen several such devices launch in the past, but now it looks like LG is tossing their hat into the ring with the LG Watch W7.

As you can see in the image above, for the most part you’d be hard pressed to tell that this is a smartwatch. This is because the W7 uses mechanical hands like a traditional watch, and on the back lies a display which will be used for its smart features, such as notifications. The smartwatch will be powered by Google’s Wear OS platform so if you’re familiar with it, then there really isn’t anything new.

According to LG, they worked with Soprod SA, a Swiss company, to help design the hands and the gearbox of the watch. As a result of this, the W7 isn’t the most feature-packed smartwatch we’ve seen as it omits features like a heart rate sensor or cellular connectivity. However if you value aesthetics and not having to charge your watch every other day just to tell the time, then maybe the LG Watch W7 could be for you. It is priced at $449 and will be available for purchase starting on the 14th of October.

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