When you mention the word “library”, what comes across your mind? For most of us, it would be tome after tome of delectable books, waiting to kick start your imagination in ways you never thought possible – especially after weaning yourself off those video games. What happens when you cross bicycles with a library? Why, you get the Bicycle Library, of course.

The whole gist of the place is this – it is a lending library for bicycles. So those who are interested in taking a bike out for the day can head down to the Bicycle Library and test drive a particular model. If you happen to like it, the library will hook you up with a bicycle dealer in the vicinity who carries that particular make and model, where your rental will be part of the purchase. This lets you make a far more informed decision on what you want before making a purchase, as you are not confined to test-driving a bicycle for just a short while, as they tend to do in shops.

At point of publishing, 7 different types of bicycles are available for daily rental – folding, MiniVelo, FGSS, Coasters, cargo and electric. What do you call the person there – a librarian? How about bike specialist, that sounds a whole lot better. Of course, to make sure there is a bit of actual library DNA left, a bunch of actual books on bicycles are available for your reference.

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