Apple has their fair share of fans and detractors, although at the Peking University, China, it’s starting to look like Apple will be facing more detractors than fans with their latest installation of an Apple Experience Center.


If you head on down to the malls or Apple retail stores, especially on weekends, you’ll realize that there is no shortage of people playing around with various Apple products, ranging from the iPad to the iMac, iPod Nano to the MacBook Air. It’s undoubtedly a great way to sell products, but it looks like eagerness to bring that experience over to the Peking University is not being met well by the students.

According to the reports, the new Apple Experience Center occupies a third floor, which is the former study area in the school’s main library. While this is nothing new for American universities where consumerism meets academics, this is apparently not a favorable move according to some students.

“It’s totally against the spirit and environment of the library,” said a student surnamed Chen, according to the People’s Daily. “Apple should have discounts or give-back activities if they want self-promotion, other than introducing this commercial thing into a sacred place like this.”

Any students from Peking University that would like to share their thoughts about this? Students of other universities from around the world, would this be a move you would gladly embrace?

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